As per the view-tracking website Escharts, PUBG Mobile is the esports title that gained the highest viewership in August. The World League (PMWL) Finals was held at the beginning of the month, attracting more than one million concurrent viewers to the Eastern Division during its peak. 

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On the surface of the race, PUBG Mobile surpassed lots of opponents, including the League of Legends European Championships - one of the most famous game titles across the globe. In fact, the Eastern Division gained the highest popularity among all the eSports in 2020, considering that the Western Division was recorded with a peak viewership at 50,000 only. 

During its final match of the Grand Finals, PUBG Mobile World League received the attention of more than 1.1 million viewers at its peak. The champions of the Eastern Division were no one but the last-season kings - Bigetron Red Aliens.

Team Bigetron Red Aliens.

One of the most contributing factors is the local viewership with the Hindi stream taking up 36% of the total viewed hours of the tournament, but the ban from the Indian government over the game will certainly make a huge change to the viewership of the game in the coming months. The game also received a huge number of viewers from YouTube and the Indonesian stream with over 5,00,000 concurrent viewers at its highest peak. 

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There are several stiff competitions that PUBG Mobile had to take on.

There are several stiff competitions that PUBG Mobile had to take on. For instance, the face-off between Fnatic and G2 once resulted in a mind-blowing peak of 9,00,000 viewers at a time when the upper bracket finals took place in LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs. Although it was not enough to defeat the World League, the rematch of the two teams in the grand finals earlier this September has gained the highest viewership ever, particularly over 1 million at peak.

Pubg Pcs2 Continental Series 2
Mobile gaming has kept taking the world by storm.

As mobile gaming has kept taking the world by storm, the viewership of Mobile Legends Professional League - Indonesia Season 6 gained the third rank in August. Its opening weekend’s games became the battlefield of several long-standing rivals, such as the 2-0 defeat of RRQ Hoshi against EVOS Legends that attracted a viewership of more than 8,50,000.