After the PUBG Mobile ban at the beginning of September, the fate of the game in India has been in a really uncertain state. Now, more bad news is coming as all Indian teams have been removed from the PMPL Fall Split South Asia. That means even if they CANNOT join the tournament even if they fly to another country.

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Indian teams won't be allowed to join the PMPL Fall Split South Asia even if they move to another country

Recently, Jame Wang, Tencent's Director of PUBG Mobile global esports held a private meeting with all the Indian teams to announce this news. All the invited slots for Indian teams will be refilled by teams from other regions.

So far, there hasn't been any official statement made by PUBG Mobile yet.

 The PMPL South Asia Is Not The Same Without Indian teams

There was a total of 17 out 24 slots Indian PUBG Mobile teams in this PMPL South Asia. 12 teams were invited directly including Soul, Fnatic, Orange Rock, TSM Entity, TeamIND, Nova GodLike, Galaxy Racer, and UMumba eSports. 5 teams were qualified from the PMCO India including TeamXSpark, Stalwart Esports, Fintox Esports, FutureStation Esports, and TEAM iNSANE.

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There were 12 invited Indian teams in the PMPL Fall Split South Asia

Indian teams have always been dominating the South Asia region ever since the beginning and they were getting better and better against teams from other regions. Orange Rock even went second place in the last PMWL East Season Zero, going toe to toe with big powerhouses such as Bigetron RA, and RRQ Athena.

But now, all of them have been dropped out of the tournament and we won't be able to see if an Indian team can be crowned as the champion or not this time.

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We won't be able to see Indian teams go against the big guys this time

All the slots for Indian teams in the PMPL South Asia will be replaced with much weaker teams, making the competition less intense and appealing to watch. There is just no chance that the South Asia will have such an impact as it did before in the world stage without Indian teams.

This is might also the last drop for PUBG Mobile organizations in India because they can't keep pouring money in their teams if they are not completing anymore.

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