The Super Heroes Battle PUBG Mobile tournament is a tournament held by Tesseract Esports with a prize pool of Rs 3.4 Lakh. The tournament gathers the best PUBG Mobile teams around India to compete with each other over the span of 4 weeks from 25 May to June 16.

Every Monday and Tuesday 16 invited teams will play in a best-of-3 format. Before playing the main matches each day, teams will play Arcade matches for fun to entertain the viewers. These Arcade matches will not be counted toward the final results of the tournament.

Super Hero Battle 1
The Super Heroes Battle PUBG Mobile tournament features the best 16 PUBG Mobile teams in India

Super Heroes Battle Tournament Day 1 Week 1 Results

VSG Crawler and Team IND were the two teams that dominated the first day of the Super Heroes Battle Tournament.

VSG Crawler ended the day with a total of 62 points. Even though they didn't get any Chicken Dinner, they were in first place with 28 kills.

While VSG Crawler dominated in terms of the number of kills, Team IND managed to get 2 Chicken Dinner out of 3 matches. Team IND finished Day 1 with a total of 61 points in second place.

Super Hero Battle
The top 8 teams after the Week 1 Day 1 of the Super Heroes Battle Tournament

Orange Rock was in third place thanks to their 1 Chicken Dinner even though they only got 9 kills.

Below is the full replay of Week 1 Day 1 of the Super Heroes Battle PUBG Mobile tournament.

The Super Heroes Battle PUBG Mobile tournament will resume today for teams to play Day 2. You can check out the live stream of the tournament on the official Youtube channel PUBG MOBILE India Official this afternoon.

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