Team GodLike managed to make a comeback against team TSM-Entity in the final day of the PUBG Mobile Charity Tournament Gamers Without Border and won over them by only 1 point.

Team GodLike has won over TSM-Entity by only 1 point on the last day of the tournament

While TSM-Entity had an amazing number of 83 kills, GodLike was better at hunting Chicken Dinner. They got a total of 4 Chicken Dinner over 2 matches. If team GodLike had one less kill or 1 less Chicken Dinner, TSM-Entity would have been the winner.

Macros Gaming and UMExRxN both have 145 points but Marcros Gaming got more kills so they took the third spot while UMExRxN took the fourth spot.

As for team SouL, we thought that they won't be able to do anything this tournament, but they had an unexpected turn to get to the top 8 while Fnatic dropped to the top 9. That means SouL can get a part of the prize pool to contribute to charities.

point table gamers without borders
TSM-Entity had more kills while GodLike had more Chicken Dinner

GodLike will get $250,000 for charities. TSM-Entity will get $175,000. Macros Gaming will get $125,000. All of them haven't picked their charity organization yet. All other teams have picked a charity for themselves. You can look it up in the picture below.

Gamers Without Borders Pubg Mobile Day 4 English C
The charity prize pool distribution for teams in the Gamers Without Borders tournament

The first week of the Gamers Without Borders had ended wonderfully with the PUBG Mobile tournament. Next week will be the turn of Clash Royale tournaments, starting from May 10. If you are interested, you can stop by the official website of the Gamers Without Borders initiative for more information.

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