Esports has undergone various changes throughout its existence, with RTS titles like Starcraft II and selected FPS brands like Counter-Strike and Halo dominating the market. The gaming community has always been yearning for more, which brings viewers like you to esports tournaments.

Today, you’ll be reading about the most-watched esports tournaments of all time. On that note, if you’re an avid fan of sports games and plan to pick a side to bet on a winner, you can check out the betway app which also has an ESports section.

Top 5 Most Watched Esports Tournaments

These are the esports competitions with the highest historical number of viewers globally, based on viewership peaks minus the figures from Chinese platforms. The majority of viewers will come through social media platforms and VK broadcasts.

1. Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore

The finals of the most recent Free Fire World Series broke all records and expectations, attracting more than 5,414,953 viewers from all around the world, beyond all expectations for any game available on any platform.

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2. 2019 League of Legends World Championship

With a total of 3,985,787 viewers, the 2019 Worlds was held across Europe, with developing regions putting up a fight in the LEC Studio's Play-Ins, as well as the collapse of North America and the LMS (in its final appearance before its merger with SEA) from the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany.

3. 2020 League of Legends World Championship

Coming in 3rd with a total of 3,882,252 viewers. The 2020 edition of one of the most prestigious esports events faced many obstacles, particularly when China was chosen as the host country.

However, Riot Games did the unfathomable by transporting virtually all participating teams (except the Vietnamese teams) to battle for glory at the Summoner's Rift in an unprecedented event successfully carried out from Shanghai, China.


4. PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0

During two months of tough competition, 24 teams competed for a total purse of $2 million US dollars and a trip to the finals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from January 21st to 26th, 2021, with a total of 3,801,998 viewers.

5. MBLL M2 World Championship

After a thrilling seven-game series between Myanmar's Burmese Ghouls and the Philippines' BREN Esports, the latter made history and became the new Mobile Legends World Champions. The total number of viewers that came to the event comes to 3,083,245.

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Honorable Mentions

The following tournaments have shown a large number of fans worldwide. Although these events have not made it to the top list, they are worth mentioning. Remember to check out Betway if you want to have more fun wagering on sports games.

  • The International 10  - 2,741,514 viewers.
  • Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Asia  - 2,566,046 viewers.
  • Fortnite World Cup 2019  - 2,334,826 viewers.
  • 2021 League of Legends World Championship - 2,232,979 viewers.

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