In an unexpected turn, UMumba Esports just announced on their Facebook page that they are letting go of their current PUBG Mobile roster along with an emotional video of their journey during the PMPL South Asia.

After the first 2 days of the PMPL South Asia, UMumba was the leading team with 2 fresh Chicken Dinner.  They were having a great momentum then the coronavirus came with the lockdown in entire India. The PMPL South Asia was postponed along with everything else in India. When the PMPL South Asia resumed on May 22, they failed to capture their advantage as their performance spiral downward.

Hindi Pmpl South Asia Finals Day 3 Pubg Mobile Pro
UMumba ended up being in 9th place in the PMPL South Asia Finals

UMumba went 7th place in the PMCO Spring Split India 2020 and 9th place in the PMPL South Asia Finals. While those were not the best results, they were quite decent and UMumba was still among the best PUBG Mobile teams in India.

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However, those results seem to be not enough for the organization to sustain the team. After releasing this roster, UMumba will acquire a new PUBG Mobile roster. The new PUBG Mobile roster of UMumba will be announced soon.

UMumba Esports will release this PUBG Mobile roster for a new one

Some of the players in UMumba were famous veteran PUBG Mobile players who have been in the scene for a long time such as Bhishma. With their talent, they will soon be welcomed by other teams to keep up with their PUBG Mobile career.

After all, changing the roster a very common thing for all teams when a big tournament just ended. Fnatic is also getting a new roster, SouL is adding a new player and a new coach, and I am sure that there will be more changes to come from other teams in the scene. Everyone is just trying to find the best way to improve their team and get a better performance in big tournaments.

Team SouL is looking for changes after their bad performance in the PMPL South Asia

Many rosters changes also happened after the PMCO Spring Split and Fall Split last year. After the PMCO Spring Split 2019, team SouL has almost broken apart and Fnatic was born. After the PMCO Fall Split 2019, Aman left Entity Gaming for SouL even though they won, Orange Rock lost 2 great players Carry and ex1stence, and many more changes.

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