CS:GO meta India: Overview

After a minor update on October 9, 2018, the CS:GO community has realized how powerful AUG could be. After the price reverted back to $3.000, the scoped rifle continued to thrive until the firerate and accuracy nerf. Since then, the AUG’s counterpart in Terrorist - the SG 553 has risen in popularity.

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 has concluded its Legend Stage with 47 matches and 19 overtimes (10 by Astralis). Here we have the number of weapons purchased in New Legends stage of Berlin Major CS:GO 2019:

CS:GO meta: Rifles are still dominant

AK47 is still the favorite choice for Terrorist with 2180 times used. It is due to the rifle’s fairly low price ($2700) and oneshot-kill capacity. CS:GO pros often like the gun for its highly accurate first shot to one-tap on the head. FaZe Clan's NiKo is infamous for his ridiculous capacity of one-tap headshots.

M4A4 or M4A1-S is the optimal choice for Counter-Terrorist as a rifle in a full buy round with 1794 purchases. The silencer version of M4A4 offers lower recoil and higher accuracy for long-ranged tapfiring.

SG 553 is now a viable choice among Terrorist in CS:GO. With 850 times purchased in the New Legends stage of Berlin Major, SG 553 surpasses the AWP with 746 buy times. With the Terrorist scoped rifle introduced into the scene by FURIA and Vitality, most teams have picked up the gun thanks to the extra accuracy it offers when going into duels. EliGE is the most famous player to use the SG553 since the early days of his career.

AUG pales in comparison, being bought only 166 times. Obviously, the CT scoped rifle is now inferior to its counterpart in T side and suffered a decline in popularity.

Other alternative rifles like Galil AR and FAMAS are also viable choices as it offers high firerate and good accuracy. FAMAS and Galil AR are purchased 111 and 109 times respectively.

CS:GO meta: Partial buys thrive

In the initial rounds where money is scarce and teams have to play on a budget, submachine guns like MP9 and MAC-10 are the most optimal choices. They are available at a cheap price ($1250 for MP9 and 1050 for MAC-10) and yield a massive $600 for each kill.

SSG 08 is also a good choice for partial buy or force buy rounds at just $1700. AWPers like s1mple woxic, or GuardiaN really like to purchase the Scout for its lightweight and scope in eco rounds.

All in all, CS:GO pro players are making the most out of money they make every round. They would spend money buy the most efficient rifles with decent money and won't hesitate to go for good alternatives. Being comfortable with all kinds of buy is the key in playing well even in eco rounds.

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