Over the years, Esport has been growing up amazingly that it is expected to pass 1 billion dollars in market revenue. As a result, Esports betting has been spread out across many areas. However, the fast development of E-sport online betting is now out of control if there are no regulations for it.

Along with E-sport, E-sport experienced a rapid growth that makes it hard to control

Brett Abarbanel from the International Gaming Institute and Mark R. Johnson from the University of Alberta has found out one startling fact. In the study conducted last week, Esport fans don’t care about match-fixing. This is quite unusual because most sports fans never accept cheating when it comes to their favorite teams.

Esport betting is getting complicated when there is so much money involved. Betting on eSports will become out of control if there are no regulations for it.

Many people are interested in E-sport betting and would spend big on it

On the other hand, many casinos now would like to include E-sport betting into their service for many reasons. Most of the audiences of E-sport are from the millennial generation (from 23 to 38 years old) who are wealthy and would spend money on betting like a no-brainer. They are dream clients of every casino that can boost their revenue at present and more than a decade in the future.

The rapid growth of E-sport is giving rise to many hard-to-control problems

In addition, there is no way to know if gamers try to lose the match intentionally. It is really challenging for regulators to figure it out and find a way to monitor it fairly. The situation even becomes worse when a big amount of money and people are involved.

Until now, some countries that have legalized sports are still hesitant to do the same thing to Esports though it will certainly come. The first to take the lead is Nevada who has found their way to control Esport betting by releasing four sportsbooks about betting regulations in Esport. Maybe in the future, the rest will follow suit.

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