The 0.18.2 update for PUBG Mobile Lite is almost here. Based on various leaks available, the patch is going to hit the live server on July 25, the same day as the game’s first anniversary. The patch is currently in the beta test phase, with developers working hard to clear out all the problematic bugs and glitches.

Below are the top 5 best features that are going to be included in the next patch – they were leaked by a beta tester who participated in Lite’s test servers.

1 – A new “vault” action

Using this new “vault” feature in PUBG Mobile Lite, players would be able to climb walls with their weapons remain firmly on hand. This mechanic would help players move around faster, enable more strategies and flanking maneuvers to surprise their enemies.

The "Vault" Button in the control menu

The time taken to climb walls is also reduced greatly as well – players who are able to abuse this mechanic would get a lot more advantage.

2 – Sights can now be equipped on UZI

The Uzi can be equipped with useful scopes now

The fastest SMG in the game, UZI, can now be equipped with a red dot or holographic sight, which further increases the accuracy of its sprays. This feature was added to the main game one patch ago – looks like PUBG Mobile Lite is keeping pace alright.

3 – Bot Improvements

The lower tiers of PUBG Mobile Lite is pretty much filled with Bots

Players on the lowest tiers of PUBG Mobile must be familiar to bots, which are usually regarded as easy pickings. They spawned randomly on a match that does not have enough players and walk around just to be killed.

However, this update is going to improve their AI and the lethality of their bullets. Their attacks would deal increased damage – if you don’t have any vest or helmets, a bot would be able to kill you even faster than normal.

4 – Heal while driving vehicles

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Healing while driving was a pretty popular feature before

Another major addition that would greatly improve gameplay in PUBG Mobile Lite, the ability to heal while using vehicles, is going to be re-added in this patch. This feature was part of PUBG Mobile Lite a while ago but was removed for some unmentioned reasons.

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