Since the game's re-release in July last year, BGMI has been doing pretty well in reclaiming the player base it lost to Free Fire. However, the game has changed a lot during the ban, with new weapons and balance changes. Therefore, in this article, we are going to showcase the 5 best gun combos for solo rank push in BGMI 2022.

1. M416 and UMP45

Ever since its change of ammunition from 9mm to .45 ACP, the UMP has become one of the most damaging weapons in close-range combat. Because of that, it has become one of the most used weapons amongst pros.


To make up for the gun's long range weakness, players usually supplement it with a M416, a highly reliable AR that is useful in any range. This is the best gun for a beginner to use, especially if they are not used to dealing with recoil.

2. Beryl M762 and AWM

The AWM has the highest single-shot damage in the game. It can penetrate a level 3 helmet in 1 shot and a level 3 vest in 2, which is super deadly in combat.

Beryl M762

Its power is supplemented by the Beryl M762, a deadly weapon in close and medium-range combat. Its higher damage per bullet would give you an edge in a close duel against an opponent holding the M416, for example.

The Beryl M762 recoil weakness can be improved via attachments. After you have fully modded the weapon out, the M416 would not be able to outperform this gun, as bullet damage cannot be improved.

3. UMP45 and S12K

Both the UMP45 and S12K are close range weapons. Players should pick this combo if they are trying to ambush enemies in close range. The former has a quick fire rate and high damage capacity, while the latter can blast down enemies with a headshot.


Due to its nature of being a semi-automatic instead of pump-action, players can just spam the S12K at close range. When equipped with an extended magazine, it gets even better as the shell capability goes to 8.

4. M416 and Beryl M762

With AR being the easiest to use weapon class in BGMI, some players are more comfortable with two ARs. Overall, the M416 and Beryl M782 are probably the best double AR combo. M416's stability and Beryl M762's brute force allow players to deal with any situations that might arise in combat.


5. Groza and MK14

While both the Groza and the MK14 are hard-to-find air-drop exclusive weapons,  players definitely have a higher chance to acquire this combo if they are actively looking for drops. These two weapons have explosive DPS and are pretty much undefeatable in combat, as long as your aim is accurate.


If you are able to deal with its recoil, almost no other gun could dish out as much damage as the Groza in the medium-range.

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