Spiral Abyss is Genshin Impact's greatest challenge, and players usually need to bring their best squad to beat it. This difficult gauntlet pits players against some of the most powerful foes in the game, with a time limit on top of that. In this article, we are going to showcase the 5 best teams to use in Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.3.

1. National Squad (with Raiden)

  • Raiden + Xingqiu + Bennett + Xiangling 

Raiden and three 4-star characters have taken the spot for the most powerful lineup in Spiral Abyss. Xingqiu, Bennett, and Xiangling are the three best 4-star characters in the game, who have powerful bursts. When paired with Raiden, they can make use of her Energy Recharge skill and spam those bursts much more frequently. This also allows the three units to switch to more powerful damage gear instead of having to focus on Energy regeneration gear.

National Squad (with Raiden)
National Squad for Spiral Abyss 2.3 is actually super easy to build, with 3 out of 4 characters being 4 stars.

Raiden also does not break the combo, as Hydro and Electro can coexist. This means Xiangling can both Vaporize and Overload at the same time for great damage.

2. Hu Tao squad

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Zhongli + Kazuha

This is the cookie-cutter team comp that uses the power of Hu Tao to the maximum potential. Hu Tao and Xingqiu set up incredible Vaporize damage while Zhongli's shield keeps Hu Tao's HP at 50% threshold for the extra effect from her passive.

Hu Tao squad
Hu Tao squad has always been strong in any kind of content.

Kazuha contributes his Elemental boost and crowd control, which allow Hu Tao to clear the mobs in one go.

3. Ayaka Freeze squad

  • Ayaka + Venti + Mona + Diona

Ayaka freeze team is the third most used lineup for this Abyss rotation. Overall, Ayaka's ability to hit enemies trapped by Venti's skill with her Charged attack is the reason why this lineup works well.

Ayaka Freeze squad Spiral Abyss 2.3
Ayaka Freeze squad becomes popular in Spiral Abyss 2.3

Mona's Hydro provides Ayaka with the Freeze reaction while Diona serves as the team's healer. Also worth pointing out that people want to run Ayaka/Mona because of Mona's insane DMG boosting ult. Using it in tandem with Ayaka’s burst both triggers Mona's ult boost and freezes enemies in place for Ayaka's 20ish ult hits.

4. National squad (with Kazuha)

  • Kazuha + Xingqiu + Bennett + Xiangling

The Kazuha National team uses the same mechanic as the Raiden team, which involves spamming Xingqiu, Bennett and Xiangling's damaging ultimates. However, instead of using Raiden's skill, players now have access to Kazuha's grouping and buffing power.

For the uninitiated, Kazuha was also the most used character for Spiral Abyss 2.2.

Kazuha can serve the role of Raiden in the National squad, but it would work a bit differently.

Xingqiu and Bennett provide a decent buff to the team alongside decent extra damage, while Xiangling can deal good Pyro DPS, especially if you have a high constellation.

5. Mono Geo squad

  • Arataki Itto + Gorou + Albedo/Noelle + Zhongli

The addition of Itto and Gorou allows a mono Geo squad based on Itto to work, as he is the first 5 star Geo DPS. He can power through the majority of foes in the Abyss with his powerful charged attacks, while also having decent support capability.

Arataki Itto
This is the newest squad released in 2.3, as Itto allows the creation of a Mono-Geo team.

Zhongli can provide a decent shield to tank the attacks while Albedo can deal extra off-field damage on top of that. Gorou is the best for the final slot, as he is designed to buff a Mono Geo team.

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