Genshin Impact is one of the best free Action RPG games released in the last few years. As the game is a completely single-player experience, you can play whatever you want without much trouble. However, inexperienced players often make mistakes that undermine their progress in the long run. In this article, we are going to list out the top 6 early game mistakes that Genshin Impact players often make.

1 - Pulling for units in the standard banner

The pity system in Genshin Impact essentially ensures that you receive certain ranks of characters after wishing a certain number of times. Pity can be tracked by clicking the History button on the Wish page. From there, just count the number of pulls since your last Genshin Impact 5-star character - you are guaranteed to get a 5-star character at 90th pull.

Avoid standard banner
Pulling in the standard banner is one of the most common mistakes that Genshin Impact players often make.

This is why you should always pull in the Event banner for a chance to get the latest event units, who are not in the standard banner. If you fail to get the event character, you would get a character in the standard banner anyway.

2 - Only using the strongest weapons available

The equipment system in Genshin Impact is fairly complicated. While a higher star weapon is usually better, you need to read their texts, as some weapons are better on certain characters. Sometimes it is better to use a 4 star weapon than a 5 star, just because it gives the suitable stat for the equipped character.

You won't be able to max out the 4-star or 5-star weapons early on anyway. Therefore, refinding low-tier weapons and artifacts to beat the earlier stages is not a bad idea.

3 - Only heal with food

Crafting food to heal all the time is pretty annoying and can be a waste of resources. If you are able, get a healer character in Genshin Impact or abuse the free heal using the Statue's Blessing option from a Statue of the Seven.

This frees up your time so that you focus less on cooking and gathering resources.

Statue Of Seven
Getting free heal from statues of the seven.

4 - Holding the Sprint button

While players usually hold the Sprint button to move around faster, it is actually more efficient to tap it. The majority of Genshin Impact's gameplay involves moving around exploring... which means this method will save you a lot of time.

The differences between the two methods are fairly easy to notice. The best part is that this technique is super easy to do - players can just tap the button randomly.

5 - Not utilizing Elemental Reactions

It is best to switch up between your elemental units. Get a team of 4 different elements, swap around and try to use elemental combos to finish enemies. In early game, players tend to use one unit to fight every single enemy, which is very inefficient.

F2P players can get Amber, Kaeya, Traveler, and Lisa for free, along with a few more units like Xiangling and Barbara. Just try to keep your team diverse with multiple elemental reactions.

Elemental Reactions
Make more elemental reactions to take enemies down quickly.

6 - Dividing resources on upgrading multiple characters

It is vital that players focus on leveling up a team of 4 characters instead of dividing their resources between everyone. Getting a good team first to beat story contents and afterward, you will have all the time in the world to farm materials to upgrade your favorite characters.

In short, just focus on one or two damage dealers who can carry you instead of several weak units.

This is the end of our list of the common mistakes that Genshin Impact players often make. Interested in more of our posts related to this game? Please check out this article to see How Genshin Impact Characters Will Look Like In Real Life!