PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game in India, with a bursting Esports scene. Its ranked mode is highly competitive – in fact, this game is amongst the hardest to rank up effectively, as the sheer size of the game requires a massive amount of playtime.

However, there are ways to effectively reduce the number of matches you have to play to get a higher rank. In this guide, we would list out some of the most effective tips and tricks in order to answer the question “How to reach Ace in PUBG Mobile faster?”.

How to reach Ace to Conqueror in PUBG Mobile: About the Ranking System

PUBG Mobile ranks are slightly different from its PUBG counterpart, but they pretty much work the same. There are eight rank tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror. Every rank below Ace is further divided into five tiers. The first seven ranks are not leaderboard based, while the final rank, Conqueror, can only be earned by players on the top 500 of the server who have already achieved Ace.

how to get ace in pubg mobile
How to get ace in PUBG mobile - rank details

How to reach Ace in PUBG Mobile: On what factors are ranking points calculated and what rewards would you get for higher ranks?

Overall, the rating points are gained based on the number of kills you scored and how long you survived. While these scores are separate, they both weight pretty high on your overall rating, however, it is commonly believed that survival is more important.

how to reach ace in pubg mobile faster
How to reach ace in PUBG Mobile faster: A well-coordinated team would be able to gain ranking points pretty fast

Duo to the fact that every squad format has separate ranking, along with another separation on 1st person and 3rd person play – it is best that you focus on a single mode to gain ranking points faster. Information about your current rank and rating points can be accessed by tapping the top right corner of the main screen. At the end of every season, you would get a reward crate based on your highest rank achieved, which is another reason to specialize on one mode only to rank up faster.

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How to reach Ace in PUBG Mobile: General Tips

1 - Know Where To Land

how to become ace in pubg mobile
How to become ace in PUBG Mobile: Pick your starting point carefully

Picking where to land on the map is the first decision you would have to make in PUBG Mobile – and maybe the most important one. There are some hot spots on the map that a lot of people would flock to, due to the higher quality loots. Landing there is pretty risky and you would have to depend on luck most of the time. Only land in these spots if you are very confident in your fighting skills. Places like Military Base, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana in Erangel, El Pozo, Los Leones in Miramar and Bootcamp, Cave, Kampong in Sanhok are hot spots and often see a lot of contests.

2 - Know your strengths and weaknesses

how to reach ace in pubg mobile faster
How to reach ace in PUBG Mobile faster: Learn to use a signature weapon

It is important that you stick to what you do best in ranking mode instead of trying to experiment. Find your own playstyle and stick to it – if you are not that good at sniping, just drop that tempting AWM and get a normal assault rifle instead.

3 - Choose what weapons to use

how to get ace in pubg mobile
How to get ace in PUBG Mobile: Know the guns you are going to use

There are various different weapons that you can acquire in PUBG Mobile and you would need to adapt to the current situation while picking them. As there are 2 primary weapon slots in PUBG, it is way easier for players to pick a weapon combo comparing to other games. The best weapon class in the game is the Assault Rifles, however – you could always make do with 2 of those guns. In close-quarter combat like the inside of a building, an extra SMG or shotgun would be appropriate while in long-range fights, the Kar98k would be your best friend.

Weapon mods are also pretty important. Stuff like muzzle, scope, foregrip, and mag can improve your accuracy and combat effectiveness greatly.

4 - Item to pick up

how to reach ace to conqueror in pubg mobile
How to reach ace to conquerer in PUBG Mobile: Drop the unnecessary weapons when possible

Hoarding items before getting a high-level backpack is usually not a good idea, as you would need the space for more useful items like ammo and health. Drop redundant weapons as soon as you get a better one. If you are holding a gas can, it is best to fill up your vehicle before doing anything else.

How to reach Ace in PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Staying outside of the First Circle

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The first circle does not damage your health much – you can stay outside of it for a while to get some extra loot, providing that you already secured enough healing. A lot of players usually chase after the circle right away – if you dawdle behind, you would be able to avoid them.

Reload frequently

how to reach ace in pubg mobile faster
How to reach ace in PUBG Mobile faster: Try to reload as often as possible

In a firefight, the number of bullets you have left in your reserve is pretty important. Running out of ammo while taking fire/hunting an enemy would be a big setback and sometimes can even get you killed. Because of that, every time you get a chance, reload your gun.

Know when and how to use the Flare Gun

how to reach ace in pubg mobile fast
How to reach ace in PUBG Mobile fast: Making correct usage of the Flare Gun

Correct usage of the flare gun is one of the more reliable ways to gain an early advantage over your enemies. If you managed to get your hand on a flare gun early on, it is best to use it immediately as enemies would be occupied with various other tasks and would less likely to be able to stop you. In the late game, however, you can use the Flare gun as a kind of bait – you can camp nearby and wait to pick up arriving foes.

Get the high ground

how to reach ace to conqueror in pubg mobile
How to reach ace to conquerer in PUBG Mobile: Try to get the high ground

It is a great place to hide, as most players often focus on their horizontal visions and disregard vertical angles. High grounds are great to set up ambushes, to scout the area for enemies, and to serve as sniper’s nest.

This concludes our guide on How to reach Ace in PUBG Mobile fast. If you are interested in more of Gurugamer's PUBG Mobile Esports related articles, please check out this post for Tencent's 2020 plan for the game via the following link: PUBG Esports Scene 2020.