The first week of July is a good one for Android gamers, as there are tons of new quality titles to grab. From Chess Rush – Tencent’s own take on the Auto Chess genre to TEPPEN – a brand new card battler from Capcom to some awesome 2D platformers, there is something for everyone. Let’s dig right in:

Chess Rush

Ah... of course, what big gaming trend is complete without the presence of Tencent? Chess Rush is the Chinese giant’s effort to jump onto the Auto Chess bandwagon that has recently taken the mobile platform by storm. It offers a pretty standard Auto Chess experience, but there are a few notable additions: First, the game includes a Turbo mode that condenses the usual 40-minute Auto Chess match into a 10-minute affair, making it more suitable to play on the go. And second: You can now team up with another friend and play co-op.

Devil Stone

If you are tired of the typical free-to-play mobile JRPG, Devil Stone is here for you. This colorful turn-based RPG is a premium release that does require you to spend money to purchase, but once you do, that’s it, you get access to the full experience without any paywall or intentionally unfair difficulty designed just to suck more cash out of you.


TEPPEN is a new card battle from Capcom that brings a breath of fresh air to this stale genre. Featuring surprisingly good visuals with 3D animated characters – all of whom are familiar faces coming from other Capcom games such as Street Fighter’s Ryu, Devil May Cry’s Dante, and more – the game plays out in real time and demands both strategy and quick reflex from players.

Unbroken Soul

Originally released on iOS late June, Unbroken Soul has now made its way to Android, delivering an excellent 2D action/platformer experience. Everything you know and love about the genre is here: You’ll be able to double jump, wall hop, and swing your way through a series of traps and enemies in order to face the boss at the end of each level, unlocking more abilities and upgrading your gear to become stronger as you go.

Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill is a new puzzle/platformer with a very unique idea: You control a party of 3 characters, each with their own unique abilities, and must purposefully sacrifice them in order for one to make it through the traps and reach the end of the level.