PUBG Mobile gives players three levels of backpacks to carry important supplies on the battleground. But the maximum space of these bags is all limited. Check out how to optimize and manage your backpack space in PUBG Mobile and BGMI here.

I. Auto Pick-Up On

PUBG Mobile players can customize the pickup setting to select the desired supplies and amount. You can save time on looting and focus on combat. Moreover, the auto pick-up feature won't make any mistakes because it's controlled by IA.

Here are the best amount of healing items to pick up for a match in PUBG Mobile.

  • Medkit x1;
  • Bandages x7;
  • Painkiller x1;
  • First Aid Kit x3;
  • Energy Drink x5;
  • Adrenaline Syringe x1.

This setup is suitable for every player. Adrenaline Syringe and Medkit take too much space in your inventory, so you need only one of each item. Bandages and first-aid kits are more useful.

Enable Auto Pick Up
Enable the auto pick-up feature.

II. Always Loot A Pistol

Lots of players often drop the pistol after they pick up an AR, DMR, or a stronger weapon type. But you should keep a pistol because it does not take any backpack space. Besides, players can use the pistol to keep a red dot or holographic sight, a muzzle, a foregrip, and a mag for SMGs.

You can use the pistol as an extra inventory. The scorpion is the best pistol to keep the attachment in addition to the backpack.

Pistols do not take any space in the backpack.

III. Ammunition

Ammo is the most important supply in combat. But you don't need too much ammo because many ammo types take a lot of backpack space. Here are the most recommended amounts of ammunition for all PUBG Mobile players.

  • 5.56mm ammo: 240-250 bullets;
  • 7.62mm ammo: 100-150 bullets at max if you use an AR and around 30-50 if you use a sniper rifle;
  • SMG's ammo: 180 bullets;
  • Shotgun ammo: 20 - 30 bullets as default;
  • LMG ammo: 200 bullets for MG3 and M249 and 150 bullets for DP-28.
Dont Loot Too Many 7 62 Bullets
Don't loot too many 7.62mm bullets.

IV. Throwables

There are many types of throwables in PUBG Mobile and BGMI that helps players take the enemy down and protect themselves. You only need to pick up important throwables to stay safe and get Chicken Dinner easily.

Here are the most recommended number of throwables you should pick up.

  • Frag grenade x3;
  • Smoke grenade x3;
  • Molotov Cocktail x1

If you play on the Karakin map, you can pick up two sticky bombs to open underground tunnels.

Loot 3 Frag Grenades
Loot 3 frag grenades to rush campers.

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