After the ban of PUBG Mobile, Indian gamers are still expecting a similar game to replace it. That's why Battlegrounds Mobile India is making a storm in the game community of this country. Who stands behind this great project? Let's check out Battlegrounds Mobile India Owner Name here.

1. Battlegrounds Mobile India owner name

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a replacement for PUBG Mobile in India. Krafton is the Battleground Mobile India company name that developed this game. This game company is also the owner of PUBG, PUBG Lite, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Elyon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Owner
The owner of Battlegrounds Mobile India is Krafton who also owns PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

During the scandal of the PUBG Mobile ban in India, this name is very popular. When they attempted to bring this game back to India, their company name also appeared on the internet and in newspapers every day. That's why a lot of gamers, especially Indian PUBG Mobile players know this name.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Map
They have an excellent Ekip who created the most successful and popular battle royale game in the world.

Krafton's headquarter is placed in Seongnam, South Korea. They have an excellent Ekip who created the most successful and popular battle royale game in the world. PUBG also brought them a giant profit. Currently, Krafton is still updating new content and improving its games to bring gamers the best experiences.

2. Game projects of Battlegrounds Mobile India owner

One of the upcoming game projects that Krafton is developing is Battlegrounds Mobile India. It's the replacement for PUBG Mobile after a great effort to relaunch this battle royale game in India. Another project is PUBG New State for mobile platforms. Both of them are getting great attention from the gamer community.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration
Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration is the replacement for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State is not ready for download now. But the teaser video of this game has made a lot of gamers, especially PUBG Mobile players excited and anticipated. PUBG New State is not a copy or advanced version of PUBG Mobile but it has many similar features, such as battle royale gameplay, diverse arsenal, and a fierce battlefield.

Pubg New State
PUBG New State is not a copy or advanced version of PUBG Mobile but it has many similar features.

Unlike PUBG New State, Battlegrounds Mobile India can be recognized as an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile in this South Asian country. Although the game owner has not released any trailer or teaser of this game, players can still guess that Battleground Mobile India will be similar to PUBG Mobile in both gameplay and excitement resources.

Battleground Mobile India Version
Battleground Mobile is an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile in India.

Besides, Krafton is still working hard on improving the users' experiences in PlayerUnknown's Battleground. PUBG New State is not a PC game but many PC gamers hope that Krafton will develop it on PC and console platforms in the future.

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3. Battlegrounds Mobile India map name

Battlegrounds Mobile India's owner hasn't leaked any information about the gameplay as well as other content. Therefore, there's no information about maps, weapons, vehicles, game modes, events, outfits, etc. The only thing we know is the map Erangel will be one of Battleground Mobile India's maps.

Battleground Mobile India Feature
Battleground Mobile India will be similar to PUBG Mobile.

However, veterans in PUBG Mobile can predict some maps from the thumbnail pictures of some videos on the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Youtube channel. There are at least two maps that will be introduced in the upcoming game: a desert map, a tropical island map, and Erangel.

Battlegrounds Mobile India's Desert Map

The desert map of this new PUBG Mobile Indian game is also called Miramar. It's leaked in the first banner of the game. In that picture, a female character dressing up like in PUBG Mobile land in a desert. It looks very similar to the terrain in Miramar with brown-yellow sand cover a large desert.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Miramar
The map Miramar is leaked in the first banner of the game.

Moreover, you can also see some small and big abandoned compounds like in Miramar. This map also has many rock mountain ranges, sandhill, and bumped valleys.

You can see many familiar locations.

Battlegrounds Mobile India's Erangel Map

There is a familar map in Battlegrounds Mobile India - Erangel. It's leaked in the Pre-register video of Battleground Mobile launched on May 27th, 2021. In the thumbnail picture, audiences can easily see a picture featuring an abandoned factory that looks like Mylta Power.

Mylta Power
It must be Mylta Power in Erangel.

In the video, you also see a grassland with a level-3 backpack on it. Moreover, the latest video also revealed an iconic vehicle - UAZ. The name of the map is also leaked in the introduction slogan of the vehicle: Driving around the hills of Erangel. Therefore, players will have the chance to explore this tropical island again.

Battlegrounds Mobile India's Sanhok Map

Another map in BGMI can be Sanhok. It's leaked in one of many posters of the game on the internet. It features the terrain and vegetation of this tropical island. It's also one of the most favorite maps of PUBG Mobile players in India.

Battleground Mobile India Sanhok
Sanhok is the third map leaked in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

4. How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India hasn't been launched yet. Therefore, you cannot download it now. But Indian gamers can pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store. This game has not been available for iOS devices now. It may come later after the release of this game on the Android platform. However, iOS players likely have to wait for a long time.

Those are all things you need to know about Battlegrounds Mobile India Owner Name as well as the latest leaks about Battleground Mobile India. Pre-register and get ready to enjoy it now.

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