The popularity of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) across the entire world these days is beyond question. Its mobile version has been no less successful, racking up over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store after only 6 months of launching.

India is a country in which PUBG has a great influence. So many people here play the game, there have been a couple of major PUBG tournaments held in the country, and recently developer Tencent Games even included the kurta-pajama outfit as an in-game purchase to celebrate the Diwali festival. Moreover, PUBG-themed restaurants and mobile stores have been popping up in India too. Certainly, the game has become a kind of pop culture here, and now a couple apparently love PUBG so much that they decided to use it as the theme for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Will you be my player 2?

Yara and Charbel from the city of Pune got married on October 20. Like any other couple, they sent you invitations with pre-wedding photos. However, they wanted their special day to be, well, special, not only to them but to the whole world as well. That is why they took the pictures inside the world of their favorite game.

PUBG pre-wedding shoot

The photos, shot by Impact Photography, include several elements of PUBG. The groom wore a white chemise with black tie similar to the character on the cover of the game. The bride, meanwhile, was clad the signature PUBG bulletproof vest and helmet. They both were holding rifles found in the game as well. In the background, we can see the grassland of the Erangel map and the airdrop crate. The game’s interface, including the minimap, healthbar, number of players alive, compass, and on-screen control buttons have been photoshopped into the pictures as well.

PUBG pre-wedding shoot
Airdrop crate is included in the setting

It is clear that quite a lot of dedication went into these photos. Hopefully, the couple will have many happy chicken dinners together in the future, both in-game and in real life.