The character ability system is one of the most important aspects of Free Fire. This matters the most in ranked, where players' skill levels are mostly identical. In this case, the small bonuses from characters could be the difference between victory and defeat.

D-Bee and Skyler are amongst the newest characters in Free Fire. In this article, we will discuss to see which one is better for Rank Push in season 22, D-Bee vs Skyler.

About D-Bee

  • Skill: Bullet beats - When firing while moving, movement speed increases by 15%, accuracy increases by 35%

D-Bee's ability is yet another unique skill in Free Fire - it encourages players to run and gun. However, not every weapon in the game has the capability for that - most snipers and DMRs cant. Bullet Beats is only effective on Shotguns and SMGs.

D Bee
Free Fire D-Bee

While the requirement is fairly limited, the boost is substantial. An extra 35% accuracy can boost your MP40 spray to an absurd level, or let your M1887 shots converge on enemies' heads. You don't really need to build your whole skill tree around Bullet Beats - this skill is a good standalone.

About Skyler

  • Skill: Riptide Rhythm - Unleash a sonic wave forward that damages Gloo Walls. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in HP recovery. Recovery effects do not stack.

Skyler's ability is fairly special, as it does not provide any direct buff to the players. Riptide Rhythm counters gloo wall grenades, one of the more popular defense mechanics in Free Fire. In combat, you can just pop the skill, shot down enemy walls, then mow the enemy hiding behind it.

Free Fire Skyler

As Riptide Rhythm is an active ability, you won't be able to get the utility of Chrono's shield or Alok's aura by picking it. The heal from this skill is negligible at best, and should not be overestimated.

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D-Bee Vs Skyler, Which is stronger in BR Ranked?

Overall, both skills are at the same level of versatility. While D-Bee's Bullet Beats is a passive, it is only effective on certain weapons. Skyler, on the other hand, works with most builds... however, most people would rather pick Chrono's shield or Alok's aura.

Skyler vs Dbee
D-Bee Vs Skyler in Free Fire

Effect-wise, both characters are decent in Battle Royale Ranked, with D-Bee being more effective in Solo and Skyler being stronger in Squad, where people cover each other using Gloo Walls.

What about Clash Squad Ranked?

D-Bee has lots of advantages over Skyler in Clash Squad, with the mode having SMGs and shotguns being the main, cheap weapons. The map is also much smaller as well. Furthermore, as you need to buy items with money, not many people buy Gloo Walls, giving Skyler's skill no usage whatsoever.

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked
Clash Squad shop

Verdict for D-Bee vs Skyler

D-Bee is overall the better choice for grinding Clash Squad ranked, as his skill is more effective and versatile, providing a direct bonus to your attacks. Skyler, on the other hand, is a counter to a very specific gameplay mechanic, which is too situational and unreliable.

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