Genshin Impact is releasing more long quest chains focusing on the game stories. Many quest chains are very interesting but also difficult to solve. Check the top 5 complicated quests in this game that sometimes make you depressed.

#1. Nine Pillars of Peace

Nine Pillars of Peace is the most difficult quest in Liyue. It's because of the key item to this quest - the Stone of Remembrance. You need up to nine Stones of Remembrance to insert into pillars. But players can only obtain these stones by offering Geoculi and upgrading Statues of Seven in Liyue.

It means that you have to collect all 125 Geoculi around this nation to upgrade the Statue of Seven to level 10. To collect all Geoculi, you also have to complete many prequel quests to unlock hidden places and chambers.

Nine Pillars Of Peace
Nine Pillars of Peace is a long and difficult quest chain in Liyue.

#2. In the Mountains

The quest chain "In the Mountains" in Dragonspine is another interesting but difficult quest chain in Genshin Impact. The extreme weather and Sheer Cold feature in this area make every mission more challenging.

In this quest chain, players have to defeat three Cyro Mages flying above any icy lake within 120 seconds which is much more difficult in the freezing condition and continuous frozen effects. If you don't have a really strong Pyro DPS, it's nearly impossible to complete this mission.

In The Mountains
You have to do the quest In the Mountains in the coldest area of Teyvat.

#3. Sacred Sakura Cleansing Rituals

The Sacred Sakura Cleansing Rituals quest chain in Inazuma has a lot of difficult questions and puzzles to solve. Moreover, all puzzles in this quest chain are hidden in underground or secret corners around Narukami Island.

The dark light and locations of puzzles also make these quests more challenging for players. Many players have to spend a couple of days to complete this quest chain because they get dizzy when trying to solve more than two puzzles per day.

Sacred Sakura Cleansing Rituals
It's hard to solve Sacred Sakura Cleansing Rituals puzzles.

#4. Aranyaka

Aranyaka is one of the most interesting but difficult quest chains in Sumeru. It takes players to beautiful caves and houses of Aranara in the rainforest area of this nation. Moreover, you have many amazing puzzles and missions to solve.

In addition, this is an important quest series in Sumeru in which players get special instruments to solve puzzles. Besides, Aranyaka is challenging and very long with many small hidden quests that you have to check in the Aranyaka Book.

Aranyaka Quest Chain
Aranyaka quest chain is very important in Sumeru.

#5. Golden Slumber

Golden Slumber is also a long quest chain in Sumeru. Though it's less complicated and difficult than Aranyaka, it also takes time in the desert area of this nation. Moreover, players have the chance to discover many hidden stories in the hostile desert of Sumeru and the civilization here.

Golden Slumber
Explore the desert's secrets in Golden Slumber.

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