Free Fire is now officially 3 years old. Starting its journey back in 2017, it's hard to imagine the multiple achievements this game has gotten, one of which is having more than 100 million active players in one day, breaking its own record of 80 million in just a few months.

One of the unique features that Free Fire offers players is the character system. There are lots of diverse and interesting characters who can help you succeed in the game depending on the style of play that you have.

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But which characters are the most used in Free Fire and not just the skills used? Which characters do people like to play with the most? Garena recently released a list of 5 most commonly used characters in the game by August 25, and the number 1 character might not be who you would expect. Here is the list:

Top 5 Most Commonly Used Free Fire Characters According to Garena

5. Andrew - Used Over 18 Billion Times (1,800 Crores)

Andrew is the character who is placed at fifth place on this list of the most used Free Fire characters. In total, the character Andrew has been used by players more than 18,620,790,679 times!

Top 5 Most Used Characters In Free Fire According To Garena

4. Maxim - Used Over 24 Billion Times (2,400 Crores)

With a skill called Gluttony which can reduce the time duration of using Medkits and eating mushrooms, Maxim is the fourth character most used by the players with a number of 24,357,354,527 times that he has been used.

3. Alok - Used Over 30 Billion Times (3,000 Crores)

It is undeniable that Alok is a very popular character among Free Fire players. But this character only occupies the third position on this list, which is still very reasonable because 30,894,396,496 is the number of times this character who is the adaptation of a real-life DJ has been used.

Top 5 Most Used Characters In Free Fire According To Garena

2. Hayato - Used Over 31 Billion Times (3,100 Crores)

Hayato, the character who is a brave samurai that just recently received his Awakening form, managed to rank second in terms of the characters most used by Free Fire players up until August 25, 2020, at 31,699,056,390 times.

1. Kla - Over 32 Billion Times Used (3,200 Crores)

It is quite surprising to see the Muay Thai fighter Kla being in the first place considering that this character is generally not as famous as Hayato or Alok. However, Garena has shown from the data that Kla has been used a total of 32,220,609,505 times.

Top 5 Most Used Characters In Free Fire According To Garena

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