Let's take a moment to agree that Garena Free Fire is now the biggest Battle Royale title in India as of now. It attracts millions of players with exciting takes on the genre. However, with a scaling gaming community comes a greater collection of problems and demands for the devs. One of those burning issues is the Free Fire ID recover. It seems like many players come across this particular problem. So, how can you tackle it?

Types of Account in Garena Free Fire

Before we dive deep into how to recover your lost ID in Garena Free Fire, let's take some time to look at the different types of accounts in the game. In order to play Free Fire, gamers must register an account. It could be either a guest account or a linked one. It's a way to save the progress you make in the game, and the data should be saved on the server. But, what the difference between a guess account and a linked account?

Hayato Character In Free Fire
Remember to link your Free Fire account

Free Fire Guest Account

So normally, after you download and install Free Fire on your device, the game client will ask you to log in with a registered account or as a guest. In other words, a guest account won't sync the data when playing Free Fire. Instead, all of your data is stored right on your device’s internal storage. Therefore, once you accidentally delete the file, it’s impossible to get a Free Fire guest ID recover

free fire guest account recovery
Your guest account's data is saved on internal storage

Free Fire Linked Account

Opposite to the guest account, the linked option offers security to your data. All of the progress you make in the game will be uploaded to the regional server. You can access the account from any device at any time, provided that you have the ID and password. It also provides the solution to the question of "How to recover Free Fire ID".

Shotgun Free Fire
Link your account to save the progress

How Can You Lose Your Data in Garena Free Fire?

There are many reasons why one could lose their data in Free Fire. Some players purposefully delete the game, when others seem to accidentally do so. But whatever the cause, it always results in data loss. Here are some of the prominent reasons why Free Fire players lose their accounts: 

  • Change of devices 
  • Resetting the devices
  • Accidentally clearing out the memory
  • Forgetting the password or account name
  • Use of cheats, hacks, or third-party programs to interfere with the game state
free fire guest account recovery
There are so many ways that you can lose your saved data on your devices

How to Perform Free Fire ID Recover?

Guest ID Recovery

As we have stated before, all the progress you make in the game as a guest is stored on your personal devices. Hence, once that file is wiped from existence, there's no going back. In other words, once you lose all the save in the internal storage, it is beyond recovery. Not even the game publisher can help you in this situation. So be smart, and remember to link the account even when you're planning to uninstall the game. You may want your account back!

free fire guest account recovery
Submit a request to Garena Support Team to retrieve your Free Fire account

Linked ID Recovery

In case you have already linked your account to another platform, there is hope on Free Fire ID recover account. But, remember that it's crucial to note down your respective Gmail, VK, or Facebook account.


If you have created your account via Facebook and forget the password, the problem is easy. Just reset the password, and you can have access to your ID back! Here are the steps to do so:

  • #1  Open Facebook, type in the connected email account, and select the Forgotten password button.
  • #2 Choose one option from the list to reset your Facebook password and complete the verification
  • #3 Enter the new password and log in

The recovery process is pretty similar when you forget your VK or Google account. Just visit the respective website and do all the steps required to change your password. You should have the lost Free Fre ID back.

Free Fire ID Suspended Account Recovery

To be clear, the game publisher has explicitly stated that the use of cheats, hacks, or third-party programs is strictly prohibited in Garena Free Fire. If the system detects you exploiting one of these programs, your account will be suspended permanently. In that case, stop asking the question of "my Free Fire ID is suspended how to recover", because you deserve a ban. But, if you're certain that you did not interfere with the game fairness, follow the following steps to submit a form:

  • Visit Free Fire Support Center via this link: https://ffsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  • On the page, select “Game Concerns”
  • Choose Account Ban, then tap on "Submit a request". 
  • Select "Game Concerns", and fill in all the information as required. Describe your situation and attach any file or evidence to prove your honesty, and submit. 
  • Wait for the email from the support team 
Free Fire Submit Form
Fill in the form with all the details required

That's everything on our guide on Free Fire ID recover today. To save yourself the hassle, steer clear from hacks, cheats, or any third-party programs that could jeopardize the game's fairness. Also, remember to link your account to another platform for safe and easy access or recovery. Stay tuned to GuruGamer.com for more!