As a unique Battle Royale game, Free Fire presents a variety of characters that players can choose from. One of the characters is a beautiful and talented singer named Kapella. But did you know that Kapella just turned 22 on July 22, her birthday? Since her introduction to the game, the K-Pop group leader and vocalist is having her 1st birthday.

To welcome Kapella who is celebrating her 1st birthday in Free Fire, let's take a look at 5 facts you may not have known about her:

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5 Facts About Kapella of Free Fire You Should Know to Celebrate Her 22 Years

1. Kapella Was Born in 2016

Today's birthday makes Kapella grow one year older. From now on Kapella is 22 years old, and on the official page, her age is listed as 21 which is from before July 17 of this year.

Free Fire Kapella Birthday Facts

Kapella herself has a Cancer zodiac, and she was born on July 17, 2016. But don't use the year 2020 to measure her age because in this case, the setting of the year of Free Fire is not the current year

2. She Was Only Used By Her Family to Get Famous

Having a beautiful face and sweet voice, who would have thought Kapella was only used by her own family to get personal benefits from her hard work.

More precisely, the Kapella family only used her talent and popularity so they could gain more respect in the community. In fact, her family did not care what Kapella wanted. All they wanted was for Kapella to keep being successful and famous.

3. Kapella Has a Lisa Emote Who Comes From Thailand, But Kapella is Korean

Being a K-Pop singer, it makes sense that Kapella is of Korean nationality like many K-Pop idols out there. Although she has an emote inspired by Lalisa Manoban from K-Pop group Blackpink, who comes from Thailand, Kapella herself is a Korean.

4. She Often Donates Earnings to Charity

Although during her childhood, she was used by her family and the music industry because most of them are hungry for money and fame, this does not mean Kapella decided to stop making music.

Free Fire Kapella Birthday Facts

After forming her own K-Pop group at just 18 years of age, she would always set aside some of her money to donate to various charities.

5. Kapella Actually Knows Some Hacking

Apparently, Kapella is not only good at singing. The singer who always looks cheerful at every opportunity turns out to also know the basics of hacking in the world of technology!

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