The OB27 update of Free Fire is coming closer new many new features and changes. Many players have found out in the Free Fire OB27 advanced server a new mysterious character. He is apparently called Mr1 and will be released in a future collaboration with an Arab artist.

In this article, we will look further into this new Free Fire Mr1 character to see what he will be able to do.

Free Fire Character Mr1
Free Fire Character Mr1 is a new character in the OB27 update

Free Fire Mr1 character ability

Mr1 ability will be called Falcon Fervor. It is a passive ability that will deal more damage to a target that is far away.

He also deals additional damage to marked enemies. Here are the details of Mr1 ability:

  • Falcon Fervor Level 1: Damage increase with distance 5%. Damage to marked enemies increased by 5%.
  • Falcon Fervor Level 6: Damage increase with distance 8%. Damage to marked enemies increased by 7%.
  • Falcon Fervor Level 2: Damage increase with distance 12%. Damage to marked enemies increased by 9%.
  • Falcon Fervor Level 3: Damage increase with distance 17%. Damage to marked enemies increased by 11%.
  • Falcon Fervor Level 4: Damage increase with distance 23%. Damage to marked enemies increased by 13%.
  • Falcon Fervor Level 5: Damage increase with distance 30%. Damage to marked enemies increased by 15%.

Free Fire Mr1 character tips and strategy

As Mr1 increases your damage with distance, he is the perfect character for the sniper role. With a 30% damage increase, you will be able to one-shot the enemy quite easily.

Most weapons in Free Fire will deal less damage when the target is further away. With this ability, you will be able to maintain the damage of many weapons with short effective range.

Free Fire Snipers
Free Fire Mr1 character is the perfect character for the sniper role

The ability also has a second part that increases damage to marked enemies by 15%. However, Mr1 doesn't seem to be able to mark enemies. This means he will have to rely on the abilities of other Free Fire characters with a tracking ability or other players to make use of this part. Fortunately, Mr1's ability is a passive skill so it is very easy to combine him with other characters. We will take a deeper look at all the characters who you should combine with Mr1 below.

Free Fire Mr1 character combinations

As for pets, the most obvious choice to pair with Mr1 will be the new dragon pet 'Dreki'. Dreki will mark players around you who are using a Med Kit automatically. With this combination, you have 15% increase damage, plus the location of the enemy, which is more than enough to win.

New Pet Dreki Garena Free Fire
The new Dreki pet will automatically mark players nearby who is using a Med Kit

Characters who have tracking in Free Fire are Moco, Clu, and Shirou. All these 3 characters will make a great combo with Mr1.

With Moco, you will have a 15% damage increase right after the first shot. Moco is also a great character for mid-range and long-range fights.

Moco Free Fire
Moco will make a great combination with Mr1

With Shirou, you will have 100% armor penetration plus a 15% damage increase after you get shot.

Shirou Free Fire
Shirou will mark the player who shot him

As for Clu, you don't even need to use her yourself. As long as one of your team has her skill, you will have free additional 15% damage increase to all players in the area.

Clu Free Fire
You just need one of your teammate with Clu's ability to get a 15% damage increase

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