Garena has to constantly upgrade Free Fire to bring a fresh gameplay experience to gamers... and weapon changes are a big part of every patch. In this article, we are going to list out all the notable changes in the upcoming update OB25 and how they would affect your game.

1 - New Weapon: Vector Akimbo (Classic & Clash Squad)

This is the first "Akimbo" (dual wield) weapon in Free Fire... and with double the guns, we have double the firepower. The Vector Akimbo is going to be devastating in close range - it might be even more powerful than the MP40 or UMP damage-wise.

  • Damage: 22
  • Magazine: 30
  • Rate of Fire: 0.08
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Stock

Free Fire Ob25 Vector

2 - M82B drop rate nerf

Drop rate reduced in all modes - players would have a harder time finding more than one M82B now. 2 strategies involving this weapon would be busted. Overall, this is a deserved nerf, as the M82B is too strong for its drop rate... even the AWM is not as versatile.

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3 - M4A1 all stats buffs (Classic & Clash Squad)

The M4 has been overshadowed by a lot of weapons despite its high range and accuracy... due to its high recoil and low fire fate. This update has changed that - this gun would be much more competitive now.

M4a1 In Free Fire

  • Damage: 28->29
  • Rate of Fire: +5%
  • Effective Range: +12.5%
  • Max Recoil:-14%

4 - P90 all stats buff (Classic & Clash Squad)

The P90 is so weak that no one used it even after the buffs in the last patch... and looks like Garena is determined to change this. The gun's damage output and recoil have been buffed slightly... in exchange for the removal of its extended magazine slot.

4 Temporada Do Contra Squad Traz A P90 Dourada Com

  • Damage: 23->24
  • Recoil: -11%

5 - Advanced Attachments replaced by Advanced Weapons

Advanced Attachments (like the Rage Core for the M14 or Ripper Bullets for the VSS...) are rarely used due to their low drop rate and weapon requirements (you need to have two specific randomly dropped items at the same time).

Atualizacao Free Fire Dezembro 2020 Novas Versoes

Garena has decided to change this with the Advanced Weapons system - special versions of the weapons are going to spawn on the map, with the advanced attachments automatically equipped. This would definitely boost the popularity of these advanced attachments.

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