Free Fire Wukong – Since being released on December 4, 2017, Garena Free Fire has continuously updated in characters and other features. Wukong is one of the most fantastic new characters in Free Fire, which has just been added in January 2019. This legendary Asian character has a mythological background in the Free Fire storyline and a unique ability.

This instruction will give you some fantastic information about Wukong's life and his specific ability in Free Fire. Here, also guides you on how to unlock Free Fire free Wukong character.

Overview of Free Fire Wukong

Wukong is a new character appearing on January 1, 2019, in Impulsive Shock Fire Pass. This event of Free Fire Wukong unlock lasting from 2019 to 2099. It means that with only one diamond, you will have Wukong for the 80 years in Garena Free Fire. As everyone knows, Wukong is one of the main characters in the famous Chinese novel of Xi You Ji: Journey to the West written by Wu Cheng' en. This novel was also adapted into a big movie hit in 1986.

Sun Wukong has been the idol of thousands of Asian audiences and readers. A lot of other stories of this Monkey King has been exploited and adapted into amusing cartoons and movies. Therefore, Garena Free Fire developers want to add Wukong King in this game. They wish to let you, especially fans of WuKong Monkey King, have more fantastic gaming experiences.

Garena Free Fire Wukong
Garena Free Fire - Wukong

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Free Fire Wukong Background

In the Free Fire storyline, Garena Free Fire Wukong appeared as a monkey kidnapped by an unknown organization named FF. They took him to Paradise Island for the experiment. This mysterious organization imprisoned Wukong in the lab and planted an artificial intelligence (AI) in his brain. FF was confident that they could control Wukong without a problem. However, Nikita and Moco hacked the firewall and broke into FF's data system. On this occasion, the AI system of Wukong hacked into the lab's data system and escaped.

Wukong Free Fire New Character
Free Fire New Character Wukong

After escaping, Wukong destroyed many cities in the Indian Ocean area, moved to Everest Peak in Nepal, and traveled to the United States. In Empire State in New York, U.S. armed force captured Wukong and took him to Paradise Island. Before this mysterious organization takes further experiments, Miguel's agent team attacked the lab and released Wukong. In this second prison break, Wukong took a Monkey King outfit. This skin of Free Fire Wukong makes this character much stronger. With a new bundle, Wukong flew around Paradise Island and destroyed many things.

Free Fire Wukong Gameplay

Camouflage is the unique ability Garena gave Wukong. This ability helps Wukong transform into a bush and avoid being attacked and damaged by enemies. It lasts 14 seconds and needs 300 seconds to cooldown in level 1. When you upgrade Wukong to level 6, you only need 200 seconds for cooldown. Every level you go up, cooldown time decreases by 20s.

However, you cannot attach the unique abilities of other characters' to Wukong. For example, you can use Miguel, Kelly, and Kla is one of the best character combos you can use in Free Fire. But you cannot combine other characters' abilities in Free Fire Wukong.

Free Fire Wukong Bundle
Free Fire Wukong Bundle

Moreover, you can use this ability only when Wukong is standing. Besides, when you turn into a bush, you cannot use the weapon. But you can move around to hide before turning back to the normal status. You can see the timing of this skill in the top right corner of the screen. When Wukong turns into a bush, the enemy cannot aim and shoot you. And you get no damage under the shape of the bush. What's an amazing skill!

Free Fire Wukong Unlock

This instruction on Free Fire Wukong free unlock will guide you to unlock Free Fire Wukong free. You use the app coda-shop to open this character. Codashop is a convenient website that helps players to buy a steam card. With Rs20, you can buy 25 diamonds to unlock Wukong. Then, you can pay to download the Wukong bundle from the Google Play app. The bundle can make your character stronger. Moreover, you can read more tips and tricks to play this character below. With these pro tips to play Wukong, you can easily win the battle without using the Free Fire Wukong hack.

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Tips and Tricks To Play Free Fire Wukong

Invisible with Gloo Wall

During the battle, if your enemies spot and fire at your Wukong character, you can quickly create a gloo wall. The wall will be a good cover for you to run away and use the camouflage ability. Step back and transform into a bush, stay calm and wait for your enemies to approach and find you. When the opponent is fooled and gives his back to you, it’s time for you to kill him.

Make Use Of Gloo Wall To Kill Enemies
Make Use Of Gloo Wall To Kill Enemies

Auto Aim Counter

As mentioned in the Free Fire Wukong gameplay section, an advantage of the camouflage skill is the auto-aim counter. So, you can turn into the bush, keep moving and find a cover when getting unexpected shots.

Avoid Getting Shot
Avoid Getting Shot

Surprise Attack

Another way to take advantage of the camouflage skill is that it gives you time to prepare for surprise attacks. It would be most useful when using top camp enemies entering the play zone. When the enemies are rushing to enter the safe zone and spot no human enemies around, they are less alert. So, Free Fire Wukong will have the best chance to make more kills with the camouflage skill.

Enemies Wont Spot You In The Shape Of Bush
Enemies Won't Spot You In The Shape Of Bush

Sneaking River Cross

Moreover, you can use Wukong to cross the river without getting shot underwater. Keep in mind that when you are underwater, you’re weakest because you cannot use weapons. It means you can only dive deeper and try to sneak. But Wukong can cross the river safely with his special ability.

Cross River in Free Fire
Cross The River Quietly

Secretly Change Position

When you are hiding behind non-consecutive covers, you can turn into a bush to move between them. In this way, your enemies can hardly spot you. Then, you can move to find a better cover to fire back.

Move And Change Position Secretly
Move And Change Position Secretly

Healing Assistant

The last but most useful advantage of the camouflage skill is healing assistant. While other characters cannot heal during combat and have to find covers, Free Fire Wukong can turn into a bush and use medkits to heal right in the battle.

Heal In The Shape Of A Bush
Heal In The Shape Of A Bush

Above are things you should know about Free Fire Wukong and guide on how to unlock this attractive character. To update the latest mobile game news as well as useful tips and tricks for gamers, visit our website!