Genshin Impact will introduce many new characters in upcoming updates. There are many upcoming characters that Genshin Impact players can't wait to pull.

#1. Scaramouche

The Wanderer or Scaramouche is one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact. He is a Fatui Harbinger. Besides, he is an upcoming Anemo playable character despite his purple theme in clothes and eyes.

Scaramouche Genshin
He will be a playable character but with a different name.

#2. Dainsleif

Dainsleif was a Royal Guard from Khaenri'ah before this nation fell down. Players have met him in many places all around Teyvat. This character has a lot of secrets to tell you. Therefore, his archon quest will unveil many stories about Khaenri'ah.

#3. Yaoyao

Yaoyao is a Dendro character with an adorable appearance. She is Xiangling's junior in Liyue. They learned martial arts from the same master. According to the latest rumor, Yaoyao will be released in the next Lantern Rite event in January 2023.

Yaoyao Genshin
Yaoyao will join the Loli team.

#4. Baizhu

Baizhu is also an upcoming Dendro character from Liyue. He is a famous pharmacist in this nation who own the reputable Bubu Pharmacy. Fans love the design of his character with an adorable white snake lying around his neck.

#5. Alhaitham

Since Alhaitham was teased in a trailer video of Sumeru, he has got a lot of fans. We can't wait to pull this character from his official banner. This handsome swordsman from Sumeru will possibly come to the game in Update 3.4 according to the latest leaks.

Alhaitham Dehya
Alhaitham and Dehya are upcoming Sumeru characters.

#6. Dehya

Dehya is another highly-anticipated character from Sumeru who also appeared in the Sumeru trailer video. This hot and strong claymore-wielding character settles in the deserts of Sumeru. Her Pyro vision was also unveiled in the trailer.

#7. Il Dottore

Dottore is one of the most powerful Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact. He looks more mysterious with a mask covering the upper part of his face. Though he looks like a big villain in the game story, a lot of players still want to get this character.

Dottore Arlecchina
Dottore and Arlecchina are two favorite Fatui Harbingers.

#8. Arlecchina

Arlecchina is often compared to the playable character Eula because of their similar appearance. But this woman from Snezhnaya looks more dangerous. She is also one of the strongest and most mysterious Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact.

#9. Iansan

Iansan is an unknown character from the Pyro nation Natlan. This nation may be the last nation to be released in this game according to the leak. But according to some reliable Fanarts of this character, Iansan has a small body but big power and a fierce personality.

Iansan has a fierce design.

#10. Lyney & Lynette

Lyney and Lynette are two characters from the Hydro nation Fontaine which is likely to be released after Sumeru. The mime-like twins also make fans go nuts after appearing in a video of stories in Teyvat. Players can't wait to see and pull them from banners of playable characters.

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