The official teaser of Sumeru has revealed all three Dendro reactions available in the 3.0 update. Alongside the new Dendro characters, these reactions are going to open up a lot of new possibilities for team comps and various types of new builds. In this article, is going to showcase all three Genshin Impact 3.0 reactions: Bloom, Catalyze and Burning.


Despite being in the game since version 1.0, Burning is going to undergo some changes to become a legitimate elemental reaction instead of being just a joke. Previously it is very limited and only available when fighting and hitting Dendro slimes with Pyro attacks, or standing on Burning grass.

Dendro Reaction Burning
The burning reaction has been part of the game since the beginning, but they will likely deal more damage now.

Overall, its general effects are going to be the same, with Pyro inflicting damage over time. However, the actual damage number is going to be amplified and become a legitimate threat.


Previously leaked as "Overgrown", players can trigger Bloom by combining Hydro and Dendro elements. This reaction mixes the recovery aspect of Hydro and the catalysis aspect of Dendro. When it triggers, a flower bud-shaped object pops out from the enemies.

Razor triggering the Bloom reaction.

Afterward, players can apply a third element to the target to trigger different effects. This is apparently the "triple element reaction" that was leaked previously. If you attack an enemy affected by Bloom with Electro, the flower bud will activate and deal another damage instance to the enemy. However, if you attack an enemy affected by Bloom with Pyro, the flower bud explodes and deals AoE damage instead.


Previously known as "Intensified", Catalyze is an original reaction that triggers when Dendro meets Electro. Based on the teaser video, it seems the reaction is like Electro-Charged where the electro will affect the enemy along with Dendro.  The visual effects of the reaction involve the enemy getting electrocuted, and some sort of green lighting effect stays on the enemy for a while.

Catalyze has both purple lightning effect and green lightning effect

Overall, it is likely to be some kind of damage enhancements or electro-charged kind of effect, when you can apply a third effect for even more reaction.

How good are these reactions?

Overall, with the contributing elements being Hydro, Electro and Dendro, Bloom has decent potential with Xingqiu and Fischl support. Players can run Tighnari DPS with the two of them in order to trigger the Electro version of Bloom and deal multiple instances of damage, repeatedly. The number has not been revealed yet, but it looks like the Pyro variant of Bloom can be split into a Vaporize team, allowing a Dendro support like Collei to work with a Hu Tao lineup, for example.

Tighnari is going to be the main Dendro DPS in 3.0

Catalyze, on the other hand, is not yet known. However, Electro support characters with off-field applications like Fischl and Kuki will get more popular.

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