Heart Of Dice is the combat minigame in the current event "Duel! The Summoners' Summit!". Participants have to defeat waves of enemies and win the game with over 2000 points to claim all rewards in one trial. Let's check out the best teams for this mission here.

I. Best Teams For Part 1

Each domain gives players three Invokation dice for buffs. Based on the buffs, you can build the following teams for the first domain of Heart Of Dice.

1.1. Spread Team

The Spread team with Nahida, Alhaitham, Zhongli, and Yae Miko is the best party for utilizing the Spread and Aggravate buffs. In addition, Zhongli and Alhaitham can benefit from CRIT DMG and ATK buffs to stay on-field and clear large monsters quickly.

Nahida's Spread Team

1.2. Quicken Team

You can also build a Quicken team with Nahida, Tighnari, Yae Miko, and Kuki Shinobu. The Dendro Archon and Shinobu can support and buff Tighnari and Yea Miko and trigger Quicken elemental reactions continually.

1.3. Aggravate Team

Another recommended team for the first challenge of the minigame is the Aggravate team with Nahida, Baizhu, Cyno, and Fischl. Like the Spread party, this party can also enjoy the Cast of Suspense buff effectively.

Try this Aggravate team

Nahida and Fischl are responsible for applying Dendro and Electro auras while Cyno will drive damage with the Aggravate reaction. Baizhu can provide more Dendro while healing the whole team with his skill.

II. Recommended Teams For Part 2

The Cast of Ascent buff in part 2 gives buffs for the Vaporize reactions. Besides, your characters can also enjoy the ATK and CRIT DMG buffs from two other Invokation Dice. Therefore, it's best to build Vaporize teams for this challenge.

2.1. Ayato's Vaporize Team

The best Vaporize team for the second part of the game must include Ayato, Bennett, Xiangling, and Kazuha. After Bennett and Xiangling apply the Pyro aura to enemies, swap to Ayato to trigger Vaporize reactions.

Best Vaporize Team

More ideally, you can also release Xiangling's burst before switching to Ayato to trigger continuous reactions. Kazuha's skill will help you gather small enemies and reduce their RES to deal higher damage while his burst spread out the elemental aura to more targets.

2.1. Hu Tao's Vaporize Team

The adverse Vaporize team with Hu Tao, Yelan, Zhongli, and Kazuha is another option for participants. Hu Tao will take responsibility to drive damage by triggering adverse Vaporize reactions after Yelan applies Hydro auras to the targets.

Hu Tao can get great buffs from Kazuha and other teammates.

Zhongli and Kazuha can get buffs from Oppression and Jadeshine Invokation Dice. They can also buff two main Vaporize DPS characters by removing enemies' RES and expanding the AoE of the elemental application.

III. Ideal Teams For Part 3

The Elemental Mastery buff from the Cast of Wisdom dice lets Genshin players build elemental reaction-based teams to clear enemies quickly. Check out the most ideal teams for Heart of Dice Day 3 here.

3.1. Dendro Reaction Teams

Dendro-based teams can take the greatest advantage of the Elemental Mastery buff in this domain. There are five teams you can build to trigger as many elemental reactions as possible.

To build these teams, you need the S-tier Dendro enabler, Nahida. Fischl, Shinobu, Yae Miko, and Cyno are the three best options for the Electro application role. Besides, Kaveh, Baizhu, Tighnari, and Alhaitham will give you more Dendro particles.

Build elemental teams with Nahida and your available characters.

You also need Hydro characters, such as Yelan, Xingqiu, Kokomi, and Nilou for Bloom and Hyperbloom teams. Moreover, Zhongli can give Spread and Quicken teams a high DEF with his shield.

You can also build your own Elemental Mastery teams to counter enemies and win this domain challenge.

3.2. Vaporize Team

The Vaporize reaction is one of the deadliest elemental reactions in Genshin Impact. You can try a dominant team with Hu Tao, Xingqiu, Zhongli, and Kazuha to win this challenge. Xingqiu and Kazuha give the main DPS Hu Tao great output damage buffs while Zhongli increases interruption resistance to Hu Tao's charged attacks.

Hu Tao's Vaporize Team

3.3. Melt Team

Ganyu is the best DPS for the Melt team. Besides, Bennett, Nahida, and Kazuha can keep the Burning reaction consistent and large. You should equip an artifact set of Wanderer's Troupe for Ganyu in this team.

IV. Best Teams For Part 4

To make use of the Swirl Reaction DMG buff from Cast of Collision, you should have Kazuha on your team. Check out some recommended teams based on these buffs below.

4.1. Wanderer Team

The first team comps may include Wanderer, Faruzan, Zhongli, and Bennett. The main DPS of this team is Wanderer with buffs from Faruzan. Bennett can boost the overall damage and heal the team while Zhongli's shield is also necessary.

Swirl team with Wanderer

4.2. Xiao Team

Xiao can also play as the main on-field DPS with his powerful charged attacks during his elemental burst. Like Bennett in the previous team, Jean also recover the BP bar and boost the damage for the main DPS. Besides, Zhongli and Albedo can reduce interruption resistance for these characters.

4.3. Elemental Swirl Teams

The Elemental Swirl team is another option for Day 4. As long as you have Kazuha or Venti, Sucrose, and Wanderer in these teams, you can always make use of the Swirl Reaction DMG buff in this domain.

  • Vaporize team
  • Melt team
  • Freeze team
  • Electro-charge team
Electro-Charged team

Those are the best teams for all combat challenges in the Heart of Dice minigames in Genshin Impact 3.7. This minigame is a great source of easy Primogems for participants in "Duel! The Summoners' Summit!".

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