HoYoverse has announced that Version 4.8 "Summertide Scales and Tales" will launch on July 17. This update introduces a new summer map called Simulanka. Players can explore this magical world for a limited time, discovering new stories, seasonal events, and earning valuable rewards. The characters Nilou and Kirara will also receive new summer-themed outfits. Additionally, Emilie, a perfumer, will debut as a new five-star character who specializes in dealing extra damage to Burning enemies.

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Genshin Impact 4.8 Simulanka maps & seasonal events

Simulanka is a fascinating world with diverse landscapes inhabited by origami creatures, clockwork figures, and other fantastical beings. Players, alongside Kirara, Nilou, Navia, and the Wanderer, can explore these enchanting landscapes, help resolve imminent challenges, and uncover the mysteries and surprises hidden within this magical realm.

Genshin Impact Simulanka Map
Simulanka is a fascinating world with diverse landscapes.

Throughout this adventure in Simulanka, players will also engage in seasonal events featuring a variety of mini-games and bonuses. These activities include:

  • "Boreal Flurry," a mini-game where players shoot balloons from the sky while enjoying an aerial view of Simulanka.

Genshin Impact Boreal Flurry

  • "Flying Hatter’s Trick," a game resembling a claw machine where the goal is to capture as many moving toy figures as possible.

Genshin Impact Flying Hatters Trick

  • "Metropole Trials," where players assemble two teams to tackle combat challenges.

By completing these mini-games, players earn Starsail Coins that can be used to draw figurines with unique poses. These figurines can be displayed on "Good Shelves" found throughout Simulanka or obtained as furnishings for completing main stories. These shelves can then be placed in the Serenitea Pot as summer mementos!

Figurines And Good Shelf
Figurines & Good Shelf

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Genshin Impact 4.8 new characters

Kirara & Nilou

Additionally, two heroines of the adventure, Kirara and Nilou, will appear in their new outfits. Players can recruit Kirara into their team for free by collecting a certain number of figurines. They can also obtain Kirara's new phantom burglar-themed outfit by gathering "Excerpts of Bliss" from "Jubilant Feathers" and opening "Fairytale Troves" scattered throughout Simulanka.

Genshin Impact Kirara Character
Genshin Impact Nilou Character

Meanwhile, Nilou's new floral-themed outfit will be available at a discounted price for a limited time in the store.


Joining the familiar characters is Emilie, a new 5-star Dendro polearm user and renowned perfumer. She brings unique abilities that enhance her damage against Burning enemies. Her combat revolves around the "Lumidouce Case," which periodically deals Dendro damage. When enemies are affected by Burning, the Case upgrades to deal increased damage based on Emilie's attack, with improved attack range and speed.

Genshin Impact Emiliecharacter
Emilie, a new 5-star Dendro

Emilie's Story Quest, "Pomum de Ambra Chapter," explores her dual role as a forensic cleaner skilled in crime scene investigation, unraveling the mystery surrounding the "Auguste" flower. Her debut will coincide with Yelan's rerun in the latter half of the Version 4.8 Event Wishes. Navia and Nilou will have reruns in the first phase of this version.

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Encounter Point System enhancement

Following the level requirement reduction in Version 4.7, another improvement will be implemented to the Encounter Point System. This enhancement allows players to accumulate Encounter Points and redeem Daily Commission rewards at their convenience.

Genshin Impact 4 8
Another improvement will be implemented to the Encounter Point System.

Players can convert excess Encounter Points beyond the daily limit into Long-Term Encounter Points by completing quests, collecting specific items like Oculi, opening chests, or finishing event objectives. To convert Long-Term Encounter Points back into Daily Encounter Points, simply engage in activities that consume Original Resin, such as claiming rewards from Ley Line Blossoms, Trounce Domains, and World Bosses.

However, it's important to note that Long-Term Encounter Points will reset with each major version update ending in ".0," such as Version 5.0.

Moreover, the cooldown time for World Bosses, where claiming rewards costs 40 Original Resin, has been significantly reduced from 5 minutes to just 10 seconds. This improvement allows for smoother gameplay challenges, faster Resin usage, and makes it easier to convert Long-Term Encounter Points to claim Daily Commission rewards.

New “Echo” trailing effect

In Version 4.8, a new feature called "Echo" will introduce unique trailing effects to character movements while sprinting. Players can acquire Echoes for Diluc, Qiqi, Kirara, Jean, and Ningguang by completing challenges titled "Envisaged Echoes" in the Imaginarium Theater lobby.

Genshin Impact Envisaged Echoes

To access these challenges, players need to use two special keys. Upon entering "Envisaged Echoes," two keys will be provided, and additional keys can be earned by completing Act 6 of the Imaginarium Theater each season.

Genshin Impact Version 4.8 is set to launch on July 17, stay tuned for upcoming updates from Gurugamer.com.