Imaginarium theater is a new mode in Genshin Impact 4.7 with tons of Primogems for you to farm. It's a chance for you to try new teams and elemental reactions. The following 4-star characters are worth building for these hardcore challenges in Phase II of this mode in Patch 4.8.

What Is Imaginarium Theater

As leaked, the Imaginarium Theater II will start on August 1st, 2024. It allows players to use characters from only three elemental lineups: Hydro, Cryo, and Anemo. Furina, Barbara, Ayaka, Diona, Xiao, and Faruzan are beginning characters with 20% ATK/DEF/HP buffs. Nahida, Albedo, Navia, and Arlecchino are special characters invited to Imaginarium Theater II.

Travelers must collect enough 18 level-70 characters to unlock the hardcore chamber in this mode. Therefore, lots of players, especially beginners must build additional 4-star characters to meet this requirement. The following 4-star characters from three lineups in Update 4.8 will help you in the next phase.

Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater
Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater II

Anemo Characters

Sucrose and Sayu are the two best 4-star Anemo characters to build. No one is better than Sucrose and Kazuha in swirling and expanding the AoE damage of elemental reactions. Moreover, Sucrose is cheaper and easier to build than Kazuha because she only needs a set of Viridescent Venerer with three EM-buffing artifacts.

Sayu is a helpful character in this game mode. Her elemental skill can absorb other elements and spread them to surrounding enemies. It also triggers the Swirling elemental reaction continually. Sayu is a reliable healer for your team when farming Primogems in Imaginarium Theater II.

Sucrose Sayu
Sucrose and Sayu are highly recommended.

Cryo Characters

There are four worth-building 4-star Cryo characters: Rosaria, Layla, Kaeya, and Charlotte. Rosaria and Kaeya are nearly forgotten in the current meta. But they will return to Imaginarium Theater 4.8 in the supporting role when their Cryo element is focused on. They can help trigger continual Frozen reactions when working with Hydro DPS like Ayato, Childe, and Neuvillette.

Layla has the 2nd strongest shield in Genshin Impact. Therefore, she can support Neuvillette and other DPS who are easily interrupted. The new character Charlotte is a great option for the healer role. Moreover, Charlotte works very well with Furina.

Genshin Impact Charlotte 5 Compressed
Charlotte can work with Furina well to freeze enemies.

Hydro Characters

Xingqiu and Barbara are the two best Hydro supporters to build for combat challenges in Imaginarium Theater II. It's understandable to suggest Xingqiu in this challenge because this character is always one of the top-picked for hardcore combat missions like Spiral Abyss.

Barbara Build For Bloom Team
Focus on Barbara's Elemental Mastery.

Barbara is a free Hydro character every Traveler gets at the beginning of the game. You can focus on her Elemental Mastery status to make this character supportive in Imaginarium Theater 4.8.

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