Genshin Impact players can take part in Clash of Lone Blades now. This combat challenge is very interesting but a bit challenging because you need to defeat the swordmaster without using elemental skills and burst. Check out how to defeat martial artists quickly.

I. How to play Clash of Lone Blades

After completing Act 3 in the quest chain True Tales of the Violet Garden, you will unlock the Clash of Lone Blades event. Then, go to find the swordmaster Yasuhiko Tarou on a small island in the Northwest of Ritou to take the combat challenge.

You can ride the Waverider to get to that island and talk to the Samura. When talking about the challenge, you can choose the level of difficulty, including  Serious, Dire, or Perilous before starting the challenge.

Then, Travelers need to fight off the swordmaster with Honed Techniques and a new Parry Mechanic. You cannot use the elemental skills and bursts to defeat him.

Genshin Impact Clash Of Lone Blades
You need to defeat the martial artist with a sword only.

II. How to defeat Martial Artists quickly

Travelers need to defeat the Martial Artists as fast as possible to fulfill the challenge objectives. You have to meet these requirements to claim all rewards from the stage 1 challenge in this Genshin Impact 2.6 event.

  • Win combat on Serious difficulty or higher;
  • Get victory on Dire difficulty or higher;
  • Win combat on Dire difficulty within 75s;
  • Complete the combat on Perilous difficulty once.

To defeat the opponent within 75 seconds, Travelers need to deal massive damage with perfect Parries. Here are the best tips to defeat martial artists faster.

Perfect Parry
Perform a perfect parry to deal high damage.

Combat tips

You should use the parry right at the moment the martial artist strikes to deal more damage than using normal attacks to defeat them quickly.

When you perform three perfect parries, you gain stacks of valor to perform a Crit Hit in the next attack. The Crit Hit will deal much more damage than normal attacks. Don't forget to dodge his attacks or you will be defeated.

If you use the parry too early, you cannot take a defensive stance successfully. Watch his pose and his sword to know when he is about to use his Honed Technique. When the opponent is in his pose for the strike and his sword shines brightly, tap the Parry button.

III. Clash of Lone Blades Rewards

Each stage of the combat challenge gives players tons of Mora and Primogems. Besides, you can get a lot of materials when completing the event with all achieved objectives.

  • Primogems x40;
  • Mora x40,000;
  • Hero Wits x40;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores x8;
  • Philosophies of Transience x2;
  • Philosophies of Elegance x2;
  • Guide to Transience x4;
  • Guide to Elegance x4.

But you can only obtain all these items when completing all the event missions.

Clash Of Lone Blades Rewards
Claim rewards from the event banner.

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