Cecilia garden is a Forgery-type Domain in Genshin Impact. It grants players a lot of necessary weapon ascension materials. Check out this guide on how to beat Cecilia garden Genshin Impact.

1. How To Find Cecilia Garden Genshin Impact?

This domain is very easy to spot in the minimap. Make sure that you turn on all marks on the minimap so that you can locate the Cecilia Garden.

Cecilia Garden Domain Location

This Forgery-type domain is located in Wolvendom, Windwail Highland, Mondstadt. If you haven't unlocked it yet, you cannot use the mark of this domain to teleport there.

Instead, you need to use the nearest teleport waypoint in Windwail Highland to get to Cecilia Garden quickly. After unlocking this domain, you can use its mark to teleport to the entrance of the domain rapidly. However, you can only unlock it after reaching Adventure Rank 16.

Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden Location
You can find this domain in Wolvendom, Windwail Highland.

Unlock Cecilia Garden Genshin Impact

You need to go through some steps and complete some puzzle challenges to unlock Cecilia Garden and do domain challenges to get domain rewards. Then, you can use these rewards to ascend weapons and increase the status of your characters.

Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden
You need to find four Seelie spirits around the domain location to active this Anemo monument.

Firstly, you need to find out 4 Seelies and activate the podiums in front of the domain. All four Cecilia garden Genshin Impact Seelie locations are around the domain. You can find these spirits at some locations below:

  • Center: You break the small rock pillar.
  • North-East. You need to defeat Hilichurls to free it from these enemies.
  • South-West: You glide to enter the wind barrier and use the Anemo character to activate the monument. It's right on the left of the domain when you face its entrance.
  • North-West: There is a Seelie behind a breakable rock behind the domain. You need to break the rock to release the spirit and follow it to the podium.
Genshin Impact Seelie Locations
Here are all locations of Seelie spirits around this domain.

After finding all Cecilia garden Genshin Impact spirit locations, you follow these Seelies and activate the podiums. Then, the shield around the Anemo monument will be removed. Players can use the Anemo element to activate it and unlock the domain.

Activate Anemo Monuments
After removing the shield, you need to use an Anemo character to activate this monument.

2. How To Beat Cecilia Garden Genshin Impact

After unlocking this domain, you can start to challenge it and get attractive rewards. Let's learn how to beat Cecilia garden Genshin Impact with the best teams and strategies here.

Cecilia Garden Domain Unlock
After unlocking the domain, you can start to challenge it and get rewards.

Enemies In Cecilia Garden

The Cecilia Garden has many levels for players to challenge. Each level has different enemies and rewards. You need to defeat the enemies in the required time to complete the challenge and win those attractive prizes.

  • Small and large Hydro Slimes.
  • Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guards
  • Hydro Abyss Mages
  • Hydro Samachurls

The number of enemies also increases when you challenge higher levels of the domain. Moreover, the levels of enemies also increase. Then, you should have a powerful team with characters' levels equal to or exceed enemies' levels.

Fighting Enemies In Cecilia Garden
You need to defeat these enemies in the required time to complete the challenge

Best Teams To Defeat Cecilia Garden

As all enemies in the domain are Hydro bosses and monsters, you should use Cryo, Pyro, and Electro characters to counter them. Here are some highly recommended characters for DPS, Sub-DPS, healer, and supporter roles to complete this challenge.

  • DPS fighters: Ganyu, Diluc, Chongyun.
  • Sub-DPS fighters: Eula, Kaeya, Keqing, Fischl, Beidou.
  • Supporter: Razor, Venti.

The Frozen reaction can freeze and block enemies. Therefore, a Cyro DPS or sub-DPS can use their elemental skills and burst to block them and beat. Then, you switch to an Electro character to crush them with the Electro-Charged and  Superconduct reactions. Finish the enemies with a powerful Overloaded slash and counter the next waves of enemies.

Cecilia Garden Defeated
Build a strong team and complete the challenge quickly to get rewards.

Strategies To Defeat Cecilia Garden Domain

You are required to be powerful and quick. The time to defeat an enemy is 25 seconds. If players cannot defeat all enemies in the required time, they fail to get rewards. To complete challenges before time-out, you need to clear all enemies of the first wave quickly to spawn the second boss wave.

Fighting Second Wave Of Cecilia Garden
Save the elemental bursts to counter large slimes and dangerous enemies at the second wave.

Keep in mind that the first wave of enemies is weaker and easier to defeat. Therefore, try to eliminate them all in a few seconds to save more time for the later waves. Try to save burst and elemental skills to cause more reactions when dealing with large slimes, Abyss Mages, and Samachurls.

3. How To Get Cecilia Garden Genshin Impact Rewards?

After completing the challenge, you head to the big tree and use Resins to obtain rewards for defeating Cecilia Garden. Rewards for winners include:

  • Adventure EXP
  • Mora
  • Companionship EXP
  • Weapon ascension materials: Tile series, Dandelion Gladiator series, and Tooth series.

The higher level of the domain you challenge, the more and better materials you get. But you should start with low levels first to ascend weapons in early phases first.

Claiming Cecilia Garden Rewards
Claim rewards and leave the domain.

Those are all tips and guidelines on how to beat Cecilia garden Genshin Impact as well as its rewards. Try to complete all challenges to upgrade your weapons to the maximum level.

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