Journey With A Gentle Breeze web event in Genshin Impact is available to join now. It features two of the most favorite characters, including Albedo and Klee. Check out how to join, play, and claim 120 Primogems in this event here.

I. Journey With A Gentle Breeze Date

Journey With A Gentle Breeze is the current Genshin Impact web event that does not take place in the game. But you can easily join this web event through the event link on the website of the game or the Special Event section in Paimon's Menu.

It lasts from 22th to 28th of April, 2022. Only Travelers who are above Adventure Rank 10 can take part in this event. During this web event, you will accompany Klee and Albedo in their journeys to Inazuma to explore local specialties.

Accompany Klee
Take part in the Journey With A Gentle Breeze with Klee and Albedo now.

II. Journey With A Gentle Breeze Gameplay

When taking part in Journey With A Gentle Breeze web event, you will visit a courtyard and see Albedo and Klee. There are many jobs you need to do in Journey With A Gentle Breeze web event to play and claim rewards.

  • Get Brilliant Leaves by completing event missions.
  • Use Brilliant Leaves to purchase an Accompanying Item.
  • Draw a Bamboo Slip and predict your luck before the journey.
  • Wait for Albedo and Klee to return from the journey.
  • Get Inspiration Paintings after the journey.
  • Obtain additional Mora by interacting with the visiting animals in the courtyard.
Event Banner
This interesting web event has many activities.

Event missions

Journey With A Gentle Breeze has a list of daily duties for Travelers to complete and get tokens. Check out all daily event missions for Travelers to get Brilliant Leaves here.

  • Log in to Journey With A Gentle Breeze web event: 100 Brilliant Leaves;
  • Log in to the game: 100 Brilliant Leaves;
  • Complete 2 Daily Commissions: 50 Brilliant Leaves;
  • Use 40 Original Resin: 50 Brilliant Leaves;
  • Visit the official pages of Genshin Impact on Facebook and Twitter.

These daily missions will be refreshed every morning at 04:00 in Server Time. Log in, play, and claim all Brilliant Leaves to purchase all valuable items.

Event Missions
Complete all daily event missions to get tokens and purchase items for the trip.

Accompanying Items

Besides, take a look at all available accompanying items you can purchase in the Journey With A Gentle Breeze event shop.

Items Price Items Price
Delicious Onigiri 100 Kitsune Mask 175
A Light Novel 100 Lucky Omamori 200
Teru Teru Bozu 175 Lobster Bisque 200

You can buy these items as many times as possible provided that you have enough Brilliant Leaves. The more expensive the item you buy, the more exquisite the paintings Klee and Albedo bring back.

Purchase Items
Buy items with Brilliant Leaves you have obtained to start the trip.

Inspirational Album

Each time Albedo and Klee complete a trip, they will come back with at least two inspirational pictures. These paintings will be saved in an album. Then, Travelers can claim some rewards when getting certain numbers of inspirational paintings during the event.

Albedo and Klee will go on two trips to Inazuma per day. On the first day of the event, Travelers have two additional tutorial trips and get an inspirational painting from each tutorial journey. The more valuable the accompanying items you purchase for them, the more inspirational paintings they bring back.

Inspiration Paintings
Try to unlock all Inspiration Paintings in the album to claim attractive rewards.

Additional Mora

Some animals will visit the courtyard when Albedo and Klee are away on the journey, such as Slimes, cats, dogs, etc. Interact with them to get an additional 1,000 Mora.

Besides, you will get 10,000 Mora when sharing the event on social networks for the first time. You can get the link and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or take a photo of the event to send to your friends. The additional Mora will be sent to your in-game mailbox.

Interact With Visiting Animals
Interact with visiting animals to get additional Mora while waiting for Albedo and Klee to come back.

III. How To Claim Event Rewards

Travelers can claim event rewards when unlocking 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 paintings in the inspirational album. After completing the whole album, you will get all these rewards.

  • Primogems ×120
  • Mora ×30,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore ×8
  • Hero's Wit ×10.

You can also claim rewards when you unlock the milestone paintings just by opening the album and tapping/clicking on the reward combo under the milestone paintings. Don't forget to get additional Mora. Claim these rewards in the mailbox in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Journey With A Gentle Breeze
Complete the interesting journeys and claim all rewards.

Those are everything you need to know about the Journey With A Gentle Breeze web event in Genshin Impact. Just join and get all rewards and funs with Klee and Albedo.

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