While the entire Genshin Impact gaming community is in the midst of their wait for Ayaka and Lisa’s new skins in update 3.4, leakers continued to release hot news about the new Genshin Impact skin in the near future.

Who is this character that is getting a new outfit?

Klee to have a new skin soon?

In detail, a known leaker in the Genshin Impact community named Uncle DD has disclosed that after Ayaka and Lisa, the next character will have a new skin is Klee.

Since Klee is a 5-star character, this skin will require you some cents to buy instead of being a giveaway.

Leak Klee Skin
A leaker revealed a rumored design for Klee skin.

Also, according to Uncle DD, Klee's new skin will have a Halloween theme - which is quite reasonable. This is because every 6 months miHoYo will have a new skin released and the one for Klee will reportedly be released around August 2023, which is pretty close to the Halloween occasion.

It is not known whether miHoYo will release a skin for the 4-star characters. And if that happens, who will be the first one? However, it was previously rumored that Amber and Sucrose would be the two 4-stars to receive new fairy-themed skins. Therefore, it is not impossible that one of these two characters will follow Klee in the new skin trend.

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Latest Genshin Impact skins

Before update 3.4, the latest characters that had their new skins were Diluc and Fischl. Their skins are upgraded with details such as ponytails, more adorned dresses and overcoats, etc. It is worth waiting for the official Klee new skin in Genshin Impact.

Diluc Fischle Skin
Diluc and Fischl skins were indeed gorgeous and intriguing.

For now, Genshin Impact gamers can look forward to Ayaka's and Lisa's skin. Both of these are slated to release in patch 3.4 and if nothing changes, their prices will be 1980 Genesis and free respectively, then back to the normal price.

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