Battlegrounds Mobile India has really made the biggest comeback as one of the top games in India. More than 50 million players have downloaded the game within just a few months. However, as more and more players are turning to BGMI, hackers and cheaters also start to appear.

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Neatly 2 lakh players lost their accounts permanently due to cheating.

Some illicit players try to exploit the game using third-party programs for their own good. Asus a direct response to this problem, KRAFTON has adopted a strict policy to deal with cheaters. In the latest ban notice, KRAFTON permanently bans 1,98,194 BGMI accounts for using illegal programs. Last time, the number of accounts banned in BGMI anti-cheat update reached up to 336,736.

Roughly 2 Lakh Players Banned For Cheating In BGMI

The game publishes a report about banned accounts on a weekly basis. In the latest report, BGMI developers have banned 198,194 accounts for using illegal software. It's roughly around the same number as in the previous week. Up until now, KRAFTON permanently bans a total of more than one million accounts for cheating.

Regarding the fact that BGMI has only been live for more than two months, that's an absurd number. It's already 1/50 of the game's 50 million downloads. If KRAFTON won't do anything to contain this problem, it may go out of hand very quickly.

Play responsibly.

That's why in a recent statement, the company mentioned that they were using a 24-hour security system to detect and ban cheaters. A team of experts will also scour the Internet to search for the promotion of illegal programs.

If you happen to come across such websites or YouTube channels, remember to report them. The game officials will soon arrive to investigate and sanction should the claims are true.

How To Report Other Players In BGMI

In case you bump into any player with suspicious gameplay or ridiculous, inhuman skills, follow the steps below to report them. Don't let their behavior discourage you from downloading BGMI and enjoy it!

  • Click on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lobby.
  • Choose Settings, then Basic.
  • Click on Customer Service at the bottom right corner.
  • Attach the link of the video/channel, and click on submit.
Report any suspicious players.

Once the report is submitted, the KRAFTON support team will look into the problem. They will investigate the player whom you report. If the claims are correct and those players do use illicit programs or cheat, they will be permanently banned from the game.

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