Genshin Impact is loaded with adventures, surprises, and new things to look forward to. Within a short period of time, it has garnered immense popularity for the innovative interface. The game intrigues gamers and also gets you hooked with its good storyline.

Moreover, the free game owns special varieties of resources like plants, and one of them is Mist Flower Corolla. As it is among the most vital items in the game, many players have been searching for “Where to find Mist Flower Genshin Impact?”. If you are curious about the same, so not worry as we have all that covered.

Mist Flower Genshin Impact Location
See where to find Mist Flower and how to harvest them.

What is Mist Flower Corolla used for?

Mist Flower Corolla is the ingredient to make Frostshield Potions and Frosting Essential Oil. Because each just requires one, players do not have to farm too many locations to obtain what they need.

These items are often found near the bodies of water in Genshin Impact in the form of Ice Flowers. To obtain Mist Flower Corolla, players will use a Pyro skill to melt Ice Flowers.

How to harvest Mist Flower

Mist Flower Genshin Impact is an icy plant that grows anywhere possible. The resourceful plant could also be discovered near water in the tile. However, a gamer must take caution before getting close to the Mist Flower that it features some kind of mystic cold damage.

Mist Flowers
Mist Flower is a powerful plant in Genshin Impact.

Moreover, you should know a simple trick to be able to do the harvesting. What you will need to harvest Mist Flower Corollas is a Pyro skill to attack it with characters such as Dliuc and Amber. Hit the flower with Pyro ability, cut it out, and then it will be able to be added to the inventory.

Where to find Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact?

To collect Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact, players will need to see a number of places. And to finish this quest and find them out, there are locations that you have to visit.

In the area, gamers will see various items like wine, many ice plants, and ice creatures like the Mist Flower. To see the Mist Flowers, you should reach the lake and river banks in the areas that we will provide you with below.

Mist Flower Corolla Location
Take a look at all the locations of Mist Flower Genshin Impact.

On another, it is advisable for you to also take other items. Therefore, you will not have to return to these places for other quests.

For more exact Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact location, check out these recommended places and the specifically marked icons.


Where to find Mist Flower Genshin Impact? Mondstadt has them all.

There are more than 20 places in Mondstadt where you can find these precious plants. Except for plants that stay far from each other, the top 15 most accessible Mist Flowers can be seen as marked in the map. You can also check out the video below as it shows almost every Mist Flowers available in Mondstadt.

Mondstadt Mist Flower

Moreover, most of the marked ones in this location can be easily harvested within 5 minutes or less. The southernmost markers, on the other hand, may require some gliding and climbing to actually come to these locations.

In fact, Mondstadt is also one of the recommended apple locations in Genshin Impact.

Dawn Winery

One of the most inevitable places to find Mist Flowers and harvest them is Dawn Winery. In fact, it is located in the southwest of Mondstadt. Unsurprisingly, this spot is well-known for wine. However, they also feature a lot of ice plants and creatures around like Mist Flower. Players will find many of these flowers growing on the banks of rivers and lakes here.

Dawn Winery
Dawn Winery in the southwest of Mondstadt is one of the best places to harvest these plants.

You may see at least three Mist Flower locations here, which makes it the ideal spot to instantly check-in when players log on and play. Dawn Winery has plenty of spots considered the best Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact location.

Northeast of Dawn Winery and East of Dawn Winery are both great places to get Mist Flower Genshin Impact.

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In this place, the marked spots close to Luhua Pool, Guili Plains, and Cuijue Slope, are home to over 20 Mist Flowers that can produce Mist Flower Corollas. In fact, there are more than 90 locations in Liyue that has Mist Flower plants. However, most of them are far from teleport waypoints and one another. This actually makes the process of farming more tedious and slower.

Seeking the most amount of materials in juxtaposition is the quickest way to heap up Corollas with the smallest amount of effort.

More Mist Flower Corolla Genshin Impact location

We have other locations where you can try visiting and collect the flowers.

Falcon Coast
Falcon Coast
Stormterrors Lair
Stormterror's Lair is also recommended for collecting Mist Flower Genshin Impact.
Mist Flower Locations Liyue
Southwest Of Springvale
Southwest of Springvale

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