BGMI close combat is often intense. To master close-range combat and get better soon, you should stop making these mistakes in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

#1. Pick the wrong position

If the house has two windows facing each other, you shouldn't break into the house through one of these windows as the enemy may shoot you through the other. Also, when you are climbing the window, you cannot react. If you cannot cancel immediately, you will expose most of your body to allow players to knock you down right away.

Instead of accessing the house through windows, you should break the door by shooting or using grenades. If you want to access the house quietly and avoid falling into a trap, let's choose a window that faces the wall.

Position Mistake
Don't break into houses through this window.

#2. Use big scope accidentally

A lot of players are making scope mistake every day that is one of the most deadly mistakes in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Players often attach a large scope, such as 4x or 6x when engaging in mid-range or long-range combat. But then, they forget to switch to small scopes for close-range combat.

This mistake can be deadly if you cannot control the gun recoil and make the aim choke up. If you don't have small scope for close combat, just use hip-fire. If you spot an enemy in close range, check out the scope you are attaching to your weapon first before engaging.

Dont Forget To Switch Scope
Don't forget to switch to small scopes, such as a red dot or a 2x scope.

#3. Rush aggressively & ignore grenade sound

Many players often rush immediately and aggressively when they spot enemies. Then, they even ignore the grenade sound. As a result, these noobs will be knocked down before they can shoot a bullet.

Therefore, don't rush right away. If you hear the grenade sound when you rush, just slow down and change your position to avoid falling into a trap.

Dont Rush Aggressively
Don't rush aggressively.

#4. Choose the wrong cover

When you hide behind a broken vehicle, you shouldn't crouch because enemies can still spot and shoot you down. Instead, you need to break four tires of the vehicles and be prone behind the broken vehicle. Don't hide behind an unbroken vehicle because the opponent can kill you by an explosion. It's one of the most common mistakes in BGMI that noobs often make.

Don't lie on the ground behind a UAZ or Truck either if you haven't broken their tires. It will reveal your head and enemies can shoot you through the space under the car. Breaking the tire make the car's floor lower to cover you.

Dont Crouch Behind Broken Cars
Don't crouch behind broken cars.

#5. Revive at the wrong time

If you are surrounded by a squad in BGMI close-range combat, don't try to revive your teammates. It makes make your team eliminated. You need to sacrifice your teammate or escape from being surrounded first. Then, find a safe place to revive your teammates if you cannot clutch the enemy squad by yourself.

Taking the risk to revive your teammates in the encirclement is one of the most stupid mistakes in BGMI.

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