The weapon arsenal is probably the most important part of any shooter... and PUBG Mobile is not an exception to this rule. However, guns in PUBG Mobile does not come fully assembled - you can gather weapon attachments on the map and equip them to your guns to increase their capabilities.

Best PUBG Gun attachments

In this guide for PUBG Gun Best Attachments, we would list out all the best weapon attachments in the game, their stats, and various tips & tricks on using them.

1 - What are attachments in PUBG Mobile?

Currently, there are a total of five types of weapon attachments in the game.

  • Grip: Reduce the vertical and horizontal recoil of weapons.
  • Sight/Scope: Aim assists feature - this would let you hit targets in long-range.
  • Muzzle: Reduce weapon recoil, muffle the sound of bullets fire... and hide the muzzle flashes after firing.
  • Magazine: Reduce reload time and increase the size of weapon magazines.
  • Stock: Reduce weapon reload time and stabilize its recoil. Not many weapons in the game is able equip it, however.
pubg guns and their best attachments
PUBG Guns and their best attachments are needed to win

2 - Why are attachments needed?

A lot of guns in PUBG Mobile have a glaring weakness that needs to be filled with attachments. For example, the Vector having a super small magazine despite being an SMG - you would need an extended magazine most of the time... otherwise, it would run out of ammo very quickly. The Sniper Rifles like Kar98k or AWM need decent scopes to work... while the AK requires stock and grip to reduce recoil.

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3 - PUBG Gun Best Attachments detailed guide


Scopes plays a big role in battle royales like PUBG Mobile for quite a few reasons. Firstly, combat in this game often happens in middle to long range... in which a scope is very effective. The other reason is probably because of the game's nature of being a mobile shooter - without keyboard & mouse, it's hard to shoot accurately without a scope.

Best PUBG Gun attachments

You can also scout the area with a high magnification scope. Holographic and red dot are the weakest ones, as they are just normal sights without any zoom features.


Grips are needed for any weapon with high recoil like the AK - their ability to improve stability and reduce recoil would let you score more hits. You can find up to 5 types of grip in PUBG Mobile, each with a different function.

Best PUBG Gun attachments

Each grip has a different bonus. However, the thumb grip is probably the most powerful - it would reduce your weapon's vertical recoil and let you open your scope faster. Its counterpart, the Vertical Foregrip, does not have the second bonus. The Angled Foregrip would reduce horizontal recoil while the Half Grip and Light Grip would improve weapon stability.


Muzzles are needed when using long range weapons - they would improve the effectiveness of your sniping... including hiding the direction of your attack so that enemies would not be able to get into cover or fire back. Snipers or DMRs could definitely use that feature to great effect.

Best PUBG Gun attachments

Overall, compensators are the most useful... as they have the highest recoil reduction value... on both horizontal and vertical. The flash hider and suppressor are more about their special effects - the suppressor would dampen the sound while the flash hider would remove muzzle flashes.

Shotgun muzzles serve a different purpose - they tighten up weapon spread so that your shots would deal more damage.


Overall, Magazines are just optional - they do not affect your gun's performance much... as you would usually reload before the whole thing runs out anyway. However, there are uses for quickdraw magazines, as they would reduce your reload time - this works pretty well on sniper rifles.

Best PUBG Gun attachments
Best PUBG Gun attachments to increase your weapon's effectiveness

The extended quickdraw variant is the best of course - they have both bonuses at a slightly lower value.


Stocks are extended back rail equipment that not many weapons can equip. It greatly reduces the equipped weapon's recoil... along with reload time and stability. Only the Vector and the M416 are compatible with the Tactical stock, however.

Best PUBG Gun attachments

The Bullet Loops are decent on the Win94 and the Kar98k - you would be able to fire much faster with a reduced reload time. The Cheek Pad is perfect on all Sniper Rifles and DMRs to reduce recoil and improve stability.

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