While PUBG Mobile is becoming more and more popular among the mobile gaming community and is well-known as the number 1 battle royale game at the moment, another version of PUBG Mobile which is called PUBG Mobile Lite also becomes the talk of the town. Check out the PUBG Lite OBB file download 2020 you've been looking for!

Why you need PUBG Lite OBB file download 2020

Having a smaller size that favors even low-end devices, PUBG Mobile Lite is popular among players whose device has a small RAM. Despite being smaller in size, the most interesting thing about PUBG Mobile Lite is that it offers the same experience, from graphics to features and many others. The most significant difference between PUBG Lite and the original version is that there are only 60 players fighting against each other in a 10-minute match in the Lite version.

Pubg Mobile Lite Apk Download

For the reason above, many players including pros have joined the bandwagon of PUBG Lite players. Apart from downloading it directly from Google Play Store, Android users also have another option as getting the APK + OBB files for ap installing. While only the official version is made available on Google Play Store, you can get access to the latest updated version of the game first-hand with APK and OBB files. On the other hand, players who don’t like the current version will want to go back to an old one with the APK and OBB files of that version. In short, there are many different versions of the game when it comes to APK and OBB files and you can pick which version you want to play.

However, when it comes to PUBG Lite OBB file download 2020, there are some risks you need to consider especially the malware issue. As there are many sources on the internet where you can get the file, not every site is trusted and provides you with the latest updated version. In case you’re looking for the newly updated, keep scrolling down for a safe link to get PUBG lite obb file download 2020 highly compressed.

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How to get PUBG Lite OBB file download 2020

To install PUBG Lite into your phone without Google Play Store,

While apps downloaded from the Google Play Store will be automatically installed into your phones, PUBG Lite OBB can only be installed manually. To download and install PUBG Lite with APK and OBB files, players will need to do a few steps as following:

  1. Download the PUBG Lite APK and OBB files right here:
    PUBG Lite OBB download 2020 highly compressed
    PUBG Lite APK download
  2. Open the file manager in your phone, tap on the APK file to install
  3. In case you haven't turned on the 'Install from Unknown sources", go to Settings / Apps / Special access. Tap on Install Unknown apps to allow the special apps to get access to your device.
  4. After the APK file successfully installed, copy the OBB file. Open the file manager and open the system folder as Android/OBB/ com.tencent.iglite and paste the OBB file. In case you cannot file the folder, you can create it on your own.
  5. Go to the home screen to launch the app

Please note that the total size of PUBG Lite OBB and APK files are more than 500MB so make sure that your device has enough space to be able to download the file. You can also find PUBG Lite OBB file download 2020 APKPure to get the latest version which is trustful and safe for your device. 

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It will take a while to install the files given the fact that its size is considerable

Be careful with PUBG Lite OBB file download 2020

While it’s easy to be found, APK and OBB files are not always safe and trustworthy to your device. While many of APK and OBB files are leaked files, you also face the risk of cyber insecurity when allowing the files to get access to your phone. When downloading APK and OBB files from untrusted sources on the internet, there are chances that these files have been modified by hackers and are contracted with malware, viruses, or malicious software which not only harm your device but also steal your data and information.

In addition to that, please note that modified APK files that give players unfair features are considered cheating. Players who play the game with the MOD APK version can face the risk of being banned by the game developer.

Above are the detailed instruction and necessary information you need to know about PUBG Lite OBB file download 2020. Visit our website gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment!

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