PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games on smartphones in the world. Now, the game is entering Season 4 with a new update, which promises to bring several new features.

Season 4 introduction

Here are the new things that PUBG Mobile update 0.9.5 is adding:

New M762 automatic rifle

PUBG Mobile gets a new rifle

Update 0.9.5 features a new automatic rifle: The M762 automatic. It will be available on all current PUBG Mobile maps.

This new rifle uses 7.62 rounds, similar to the AKM. It has three firing modes: single, triple and full-auto shots, and is most effective in close or medium range.

Keep in mind that M762 has a heavy recoil. It is comparable to the AKM In term of power, rang, and capacity, but has faster firing rate. Being a new weapon, this gun has no skin yet, but that will probably come in the near future.

Sanhok map changes

The Sanhok map also sees some changes with this new update. There is a new vehicle: the Scooter, which can accommodate up to 2 players at once. Furthermore, the dynamic weather feature, which has been around on the PC version for a while, is now also available in Sanhok on PUBG Mobile. Now, the weather of the map will change randomly between sunny, foggy and rain.

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Sanhok map now features scooters

Hardcore Mode

The new hardcore mode allow PUBG Mobile veterans to push their limits. In this mode there is no visual cues on the map, meaning no sound of footsteps or gunshots will show up on the radar. Players will have to rely entirely on listening to determine the source of the sound. Guns will also spawn without bullets loaded, and reloads will be manual.

One thing to note: This mode is only available for a limited period of time called the "Hardcore Week", so don’t wait too long or you will miss the chance to try it.

Royale Pass Season 4

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New outfits

The new PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 4 also adds several new features, namely more firearm finishes. Players will now be able to customize their characters more with new faces, hairstyles, and new rare outfits. Those who have the Elite Pass can now buy discounted items using BP or RP points as well. There are also some Black Friday sales, so keep your eyes out.

Additionally, a new system has been added, which drastically increases the chance of getting certain crate items for a limited time.