The end of Season 13 of PUBG Mobile is coming along with the start of Season 14 with new updates, content, and skins. The Season 14 Royale Pass will be called Spark The Flame. As usual, players will have a new Royale Pass so they can complete missions for exclusive rewards.

Season 14 of PUBG Mobile will start in about 2 weeks on July 14 with new exclusive rewards for players

Season 13 of PUBG Mobile will end on July 12 and Season 14 will start soon after on July 14 at 7:30 AM IST. Players will expect to have a small update when the time comes.

What is new in Season 14 Royale Pass?

According to leaks from Youtuber, PUBG Mobile will be having a new female character in the game called Pharaoh. There will be tons of new skins, outfits, emote, and even a need mode for this new character in the new Season. Like other characters in PUBG Mobile, she also has her own unique skill but the details about her skill are not yet to be revealed.

Season 14 Pubg
Season 14 in PUBG Mobile will introduce a new character called Pharaoh

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Players who reach Diamond rank in Season 14 will be rewarded with a stylish silver-plated M24 Skin for free.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 5
Players who get to Diamond rank will receive a free silver-plated M24 skin

Along with it is a Dazzling Youth M416 skin, which is also in silver.

Season 14 Royal Pass Rewards M416 Skin In Royal Pa
There will also be a silver-plated M416 skin called Dazzling Youth

You can check out all rewards of the Season 14 Royale Pass in the leak video below.

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