Everyone knows the importance of having a great name, especially when it comes to gaming. It’s the first of many elements that distinguish you from other seemingly synonymous players. For titles such as PUBG Mobile, it’s even more crucial to have a unique nickname. The game attracts millions of active players daily, with over 600 million downloads on Google Play Store as of December 2019. Making yourself stand out from such a vast demographic is never an easy task. However, we may have the answer you’re looking for with the PUBG nickname symbols

pubg nickname symbols strive best
Every PUBG Mobile strives to create the most unique name in the game

PUBG Mobile players always want to create stylish in-game names that scream their styles. So it’s easy to understand why most choose to use PUBG nickname symbols to spice up the game. There are tons of special characters available out there for mixing and matching - the sky is the limit. The in-game name is what appears in the lobby and in every single match, therefore, wanting to look cool in front of others is a universal need. 

What are PUBG Nickname Symbols?

These nickname symbols for PUBG is quite self-explanatory. They are special characters that players add to their in-game name to make it look cool and stylish. After all, no one likes bland old names such as “proplayer1324”, right? Unfortunately, you can’t just normally enter the symbols from your keyboard. They must be copied from outside sources and pasted into the game instead. Stay tuned as we give you a list of the PUBG name generator with symbols along with a descriptive instruction on how to use them. 

pubg nickname symbols add style
These PUBG nickname symbols add style to your character

Where to Find PUBG Nickname Symbols?

As we have mentioned above, the special symbols that you often see other players use in PUBG Mobile can’t be entered from your normal keyboard. Therefore, instead of wasting hours on ends trying to find a way to enter them, you should be better off copying them from other sources. The following three name generators that we list down below may not be new to PUBG Mobile gamers. But, if you haven’t heard about them, or just started playing, then definitely give them a visit!

PUBG Name Generator with Symbols: Nickfinder.com 

Nickfinder is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to nickname symbols for PUBG Mobile players. There are many reasons why the platform rises to the occasion to be trusted by the majority of the PUBG community. It’s super easy to use with a straight forward layout. Plus, if you just can’t come up with a suitable name, you always have access to a vast collection of pre-made ones on the site. Nickfinder also supports users with the filter system, allowing you to search for what you need with ease. 

pubg nickname symbols nickfinder
Nickfinder.com is probably the most famous name generator as of now

PUBG Name Generator with Symbols: LingoJam.com

LingoJam is the next contender to make it into our list for PUBG name symbols copy. This website features a cleaner, more condensed user interface than Nickfinder. You won’t find any large display of name collection or other functionality as on its counterpart. However, LingoJam makes up for what it lacks by an incredible AI that processes the name you enter into various styles. That’s why it’s called the “fancy text generator”. And if you’re worried about the symbols, just don’t, they’re included in the names!

pubg nickname symbols lingojam
LingoJam is super simple to use

PUBG Name Generator with Symbols: Fancytexttool.net

The Fancytexttool page feels like a stripped-down version of Nickfinder. You can find pretty much the same elements here, but not as detailed. However, you still have access to a generator for the PUBG name symbols copy. You can enter the desired nickname and wait for the AI to send tons of style options to choose from. Plus, there are also some common symbols for you to add. 

pubg nickname symbols fancy text
Create some fancy texts for your PUBG Mobile name

Common PUBG Nickname Symbols

Out of all the vast selections available out there, some are used more than the others by PUBG Mobile players. Here we have compiled a list of the most common PUBG names with symbols for your reference.

  • ꧁༺₦Ї₦ℑ₳༻꧂
  • ꧁ঔৣ☬✞𝓓𝖔𝖓✞☬ঔৣ꧂
  • 『sᴛʀᴋ』ᴷᴺᴵᴳᴴᵀ༒࿐
  • ░B░O░S░S░
  • ꧁༺J꙰O꙰K꙰E꙰R꙰༻꧂
  • Teͥℝmͣiͫnⱥτoℝ
  • Plαψ多oψ Isolα⚔
  • ᴳᵒᵈ𝕡𝕦𝕓𝕘
  • ☽G☢d Your name here
  • Gødツ Your name here
  • ꧁༺nickname༻꧂
  • ꧁࿇The༒Killer࿇꧂
  • ꧁༒☬ℜ؏αᏞᏦιηGs☬༒꧂
  • ꧁H҉A҉C҉K҉E҉R҉꧂

How to Use PUBG Nickname Symbols

Once you have selected your styles and symbols, the next question is how to integrate them into your in-game character profile. You can’t just paste these PUBG Mobile nickname symbols into the client. Unless you’re signing up for a new account, the only path to take is employing the help of a Rename Card. It is available in the in-game store for 180 UC, or after completing certain “Progress Missions”. Here’s a detailed instruction on how to use it:

pubg nickname symbols rename
Get Rename Card from missions or buy it straight from the store for 180 UC
  • # 1: Visit either of the three websites above and choose the special symbols or nicknames that suit your taste
  • # 2: Copy everything and open the PUBG Mobile application in your device
  • # 3: Go to your Inventory at the bottom of the screen, move to the section below emotes, click on the “Rename Card”
  • # 4: Click on the “Use” button. A pop-up should appear requiring the player to enter their new nickname
  • # 5: Paste the name, along with the PUBG Mobile nickname symbols you saved from earlier, then hit OK to confirm the change
pubg nickname symbols save
It's always a good idea to save up the Rename Card

That concludes our guide on everything you need to know about the PUBG nickname symbols and how to use them. It’s easy to understand why PUBG Mobile players want their characters to be as unique and stylish as possible. Those are two of the first things that others in the game would take notice of them, so it makes sense to build a little impression. Don’t hesitate to try out new things to spice up your game of PUBG Mobile! For more guides and news into the world of gaming, visit our website at GuruGamer.com