The latest map currently available in PUBG, Sanhok, is already a couple of months old. Now, it seems this popular battle royale game is getting a new map called Vikendi.

Even though the map is not yet released, it has actually surfaced on the Internet already.  A YouTube channel named Allthenewsisgoodnews, has digitally recreated the map to showcase how it will look. You can watch the video below:


From what we can see, the first thing that catches the eye about this Vikendi map is that it will feature snow, which makes sense considering that winter is coming. Furthermore, there will also be a giant spaceport fully equipped with a rocket, a command centre, as well as satellites and towers. Keep in mind that this might not be an entirely accurate representation of the final map, as several small things can be added later. Still, Vikendi is highly likely to come very soon, as it is already uploaded to the server.

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Sony recently made the PS4 version of PUBG available for pre-order in the PS Store. In the listing, besides the base game that costs $30 (about Rs. 2,100), users can opt for a Survivor's Digital Edition, which offers the base game, the Vikendi Event Pass, 20,000 BP, and 2,300 G-Coin Pack, for $50 (about Rs. 3,500). There is also Champion's Digital Edition, which costs $10 (about Rs 700) more than the Survivor's Edition, but adds an extra 3.700 G-Coin. Given that the Vikendi Event Pass is included in the offer, there is a high chance that we will see the Vikendi map being released alongside the PUBG PS4 on December 7. If you pre-order this PS4 version, you will also get several bonuses, including skins from other shooter games such as Uncharted and The Last of Us.

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The map was actually teased at E3 earlier this year, but there was not much further information about it then. Vikendi is believed to be larger than Sanhok, but smaller than Erangel. There's no word on whether this new map will feature new weapons and vehicles. It will probably also come to PUBG Mobile in the future, but right now we cannot say precisely when.