Leakers provided information regarding the new Spiral Abyss set to arrive in Genshin Impact update 3.4. It will be an update when Lantern Rite returns in the game. This also means that some of these opponents in the Spiral Abyss would cater to the banners.

We are seemingly witnessing the comeback of Triple Maguu Kenki and ASIMON. While these names are making players exclaim already, it's important to not forget that these have yet been confirmed.

However, this did come from a quite reliable source and we may just begin preparing the strongest teams to defeat this fatal lineup.

About Spiral Abyss 3.4 Foor 12

Spiral Abyss might be the hardest content in Genshin Impact. The Spiral Abyss floors are all divided into 2 halves and 3 sections.

There are 12 floors. While Floor 1 to 8 can be completed once, Floor 9 to 12 are reset every two weeks. And the difficulty surely increases as we progress through latter sections.

Usually, it's Floor 12 that features the most deathly opponents and getting full 9 stars can be quite tiresome. These enemies have extremely high HP bars and can only be defeated by players with tactics or have long-time experience dealing with big bosses.

This case seems to apply to update 3.4 as well. Some leaks claimed that several hard-to-beat enemies will be introduced here. Now let's all have a look at the leaked lineup.

Genshin 3 4 Spiral Abyss
Spiral Abyss 3.4 leaks reveal new and fatal enemies.

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Genshin Impact 3.4: Spiral Abyss Floor 12 leaked lineup

For more details of enemies for each chamber, take a look right below:

Floor 12, Chamber 1, First Half

  • Wave 1: Ruin Guard-485605 HP
  • Wave 2: Ruin Grader- 795002 HP
  • Wave 3: Ruin Guard- 485605 HP
  • Wave 4: Ruin Drake Earth Guard- 624349 HP

Floor 12, Chamber 1, Second Half

  • Wave 1: Pyro Whopperflower-208116 HP
  • Wave 1: Cryo Whopperflower-208116 HP
  • Wave 1: Electro Whopperflower- 208116 HP
  • Wave 2: Pyro Abyss Mage- 138744 HP
  • Wave 2: Cryo Abyss Mage- 138744 HP
  • Wave 2: Electro Abyss Mage- 138744 HP
  • Wave 3: Eremite Desert Clearwater- 408858 HP
  • Wave 3: Eremite Sunfrost- 408858 HP

Floor 12, Chamber 2, First Half

  • Wave 1: Nobushi Jintouban (2)- 257503 HP
  • Wave 1: Kairagi Dancing Thunder (1)- 618007 HP
  • Wave 2: Tempest Blessbone Scorpion (1)- 901260 HP
  • Wave 2: Conflagration Blessbone Red Vulture (1)- 901260 HP

Floor 12, Chamber 2, Second Half

  • Maguu Kenki Galloping Frost (1)- 981063 HP
  • Maguu Kenki Lone Gale (1)- 981063 HP
  • Maguu Kenki Mask of Terror (1)- 981063 HP
ASIMON is rumored to be back.

Floor 12, Chamber 3, First Half

Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network (ASIMON)- 2218401 HP

Floor 12, Chamber 3, Second Half

  • Wave 1: Eremite Desert Clearwater- 499140 HP
  • Wave 1: Eremite Sunfrost- 499140 HP
  • Wave 1: Eremite Daythunder- 554600 HP
  • Wave 2: Eremite Scorching Loremaster- 610060 HP
  • Wave 2: Eremite Galehunter- 610060 HP
  • Wave 2: Eremite Floral Ringdancer- 610060 HP

Safe to say, Genshin Impact gamers would have to get some top-tier characters if they aspire to clear the Spiral Abyss in update 3.4. This lineup of the Spiral Abyss seems to favor Alhaitham, who is scheduled to be introduced in update 3.4.

Apart from this unit, the potentially leaked rerun characters, namely Yelan, Xiao, Hu Tao, will also perform well in the up and coming Spiral Abyss floors.

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