The second patch of Genshin Impact 3.3 features Kamisato Ayato and Raiden Shogun in separate banners. Every player, especially the F2P ones is brainstorming to decide whether they should pull for the Electro Archon or Head of the Yashiro Commission.

To help you decide, let’s take a look at each character’s features and see whether Ayato or Raiden Shogun fits your choice.

Raiden Ayato
Ayato or Raiden Shogun, who suits your playstyle and game goals better?

Genshin Impact 3.3 Ayato advantages

Compared to Raiden Shogun, Ayaro has these benefits:

  • Better pick for Normal Attack rosters
  • Elemental Burst can buff Normal Attack DMG which is a grand AoE
  • Easier to use and level up
  • Deals great Hydro DMG
  • More flexible when it comes to equipping good sets of artifacts

The fact is the more constellations you have, the better Ayato will become in the game. Also, if your sword range is better than Polearms, you have more options for Ayato weapons.

On another hand, in case you want to build a Freeze or Vaporize comp, Ayato will be available while Raiden Shogun certainly will not be.

Raiden Ayato
Ayato is an excellent Hydro DMG dealer with fast movements.

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Genshin Impact 3.3. Raiden Shogun advantages

In the meantime, other players with different purposes and playstyles may find Raiden a better choice for them. Compared to Ayato, Raiden is:

  • More useful in the current metagame
  • Excellent battery recharging Energy for the teammates
  • Able to buff the roster’s Elemental Burst DMG
  • An excellent Electro DMG
  • More flexible in team compositions

In terms of weapons, if you get better Polearms than Swords, you may consider pulling for Raiden Shogun. The Catch is one of these free polearms you can get along with Refinement materials.

Raiden Shogun is known as one of the strongest characters and archons in Genshin Impact. For general content, her popularity is much greater than that of Ayato.

And if you want a Raiden National team for yourself (with Xiangling, Bennett, Xingqiu) to clear many bosses and Spiral Abyss even, Raiden deserves a slot in your collection.

So, Ayato or Raiden Shogun?

Both units are solid choices in Genshin Impact 3.3. Investing in either of them is not a bad choice.

Although many would say Raiden Shogun is better, it still depends on your preference and goals to decide which one works best. Considering that the Dendro element is out now, investing in an Electro or a Hydro character both brings benefits to you thanks to the powerful reactions.

If you are into teams with massive burst DMG and Electro-related reactions, Raiden Shogun is the one you should choose and invest time and effort in.

And if you like spamming buttons and seeing plenty of numbers stacked on top of each other, Kamisato Ayato is your pick. He will fit in the Main or Sub-DPS role in your team comps.

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