Recently, Garena just added Purgatory to Free Fire Clash Squad, giving players more maps and new experiences while pushing their rank to Grand Master. For people who don't know which pet they should use on the new map. Here are the top 3 pets in Free Fire on Purgatory in Clash Squad.


Beaston's ability is called Helping Hand. It can help increase the throwing distance of your grenade by up to 30%. Bringing Beaston with you into the battle will allow you to launch Grenade attacks easier. With a good throw and great timing, your Grenade can be a very dangerous weapon.

Purgatory is also a map with many compounds and tall obstacles so your Grenades will extra be helpful here.

Beaston Free Fire Max
Beaston allows you to throw your Grenade farther away by 30%.


Dreki is the only pet in Free Fire that can give you a huge amount of information. Dreki's Dragon Glare ability will help you see the locations of up to 4 enemies who are using Med Kit within 30 meters. A player is the most vulnerable when they are using a Med Kit. Knowing that the enemy is using a Med Kit means that you can safely push or rotate to another location.

Dreki Play
Dreki can detect the location of enemies who are using a Med Kit.

Detective  Panda

Detective  Panda is one of the best pets in Free Fire for aggressive playstyle. His ability Panda's Blessings can heal you 10 HP after each kill. This allows you to keep your HP high between fights. You don't have to stop to heal small wound and you can just keep moving to hunt more.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda's ability can heal you 10HP every time you kill an enemy.

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