The M60 is a type of Assualt Rifle in Free Fire with a huge magazine, which makes it the perfect weapon for players who want to go in a fight gun-blazing everyone. Here are the top 5 M60 skins in Free Fire that will make this weapon even more powerful.

5. M60 Spirited Overseers

M60 Spirited Overseers’ Stats

  • Armor Penetration++
  • Accuracy+
  • Magazine-

The M60 Spirited Overseers skin gives the weapon extra Armor Penetration and Accuracy while reducing the Magazine of the weapon. Since this weapon already has a huge magazine already, this won't be even a problem.

This skin can be obtained from the Spirited Overseers Weapon Loot Crate in the shop for 30 Diamonds each.


4. M60 Lively Beast

M60 Lively Beast’s Stats

  • Rate of Fire++
  • Magazine-

The M60 Lively Beast is one of the oldest skin in Free Fire but it still is able to hold up to newer skins with its big rate of fire buff while only losing a little bit of magazine size.

You can get the M60 Lively Beast skin from the shop in the Lively Beast Weapon Loot Crate, which costs 35 Diamonds each.

M60 Lively Beast 1024x576

3. M60 Captain Bubbles

M60 Captain Bubbles’s Stats

  • Range++
  • Damage+
  • Reload Speed-

The M60 Captain Bubbles increase the Range of the weapon, make it more reliable in mid-range combats. There is also a small Damage buff to make your shots stronger. While your Reload Speed is reduced, it will not be matter too much when you have 60 rounds in your magazine.

You can get the M60 Captain Bubbles skin from the Captain Bubbles Weapon Loot Crate in the shop which costs 30 Diamonds each.

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2. M60 Santa’s Choice

M60 Santa’s Choice’s Stats

  • Range++
  • Rate of Fire+
  • Magazine-

Just like the M60 Captain Bubbles skin, the M60 Santa’s Choice skin also provides the weapon with additional range. But instead of giving it more damage, this skin gives the weapon more rate of fire, which is just as good. The Magazine reduction barely affects the power of the weapon.

The M60 Santa’s Choice is available in the Santa's Choice Weapon Loot Crate from the shop with a price of 30 Diamonds.

Maxresdefault 1

1. M60 Crimson Red

M60 Crimson Red’s Stats

  • Rate of Fire++
  • Range+
  • Reload Speed-

The M60 Crimson Red skin gives the weapon a big boost in the rate of fire and a range increase while reducing the magazine size. This is a rare skin that all M60 players want to get their hands on. It is only available at certain events in Free Fire and not in the shop.

Maxresdefault 2

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