Although Fortnite has reduced its popularity amid the COVID-19 epidemic, this battle royale game has become one of the most favorite games of gamers in the world. If you are wondering who the most outstanding gamers are in 2020, let’s read the following article!


As a pro player for NRG Esports, 2004-born Benjyfishy is now amongst the rising stars of the Fortnite community. Despite his great skills, he has kept improving himself via lots of competitions and matches. He also belongs to the list to 10 most prominent players in the world.

Benjyfishy Fortnite


If you are looking for a smart player, it must be Fray who always focuses on strategies more than anything else. He isn’t the most popular player to date; however, he must be one of the most impressive Fortnite players this year. His well-thought play style has made a powerful impression on other players across the world.


Marz And Diggy

Although they always appear as a duo, Marz and Diggy are still good at playing Fortnite solo. They had a perfect performance at the latest Winterfest Royale. If they can keep the ball rolling in the upcoming time, they must rock the gaming community and become one of the most notable players this year.



One year after becoming the Fortnite World Cup champion, Bugha or Kyle Bugha Giersdorf has still drawn lots of attention from the gaming community. Born in 2002, he is now a pro player for Sentinels. He has kept focusing on developing his skills in the game. No need to discuss how excited fans feel about his next competitions. Of course, he is a must-have name on the list of top most notable Fortnite players this year.


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