Free Fire stands out from other battle royale games on mobile by having fast-paced gameplay and unique features. One of them is the character system, which is currently having more than 30 characters, each with their own unique story and ability.

Free Fire has a unique character system with more than 30 different characters, each with their own skill

Players can equip up to 4 skills from different characters, creating different combos that give them advantages in combats and embrace their playstyle. The character system adds a lot more variety to Free Fire as players can find their own skills combos that will fit them the most.

Here, in this article, we are going to show you the top 5 Free Fire that will bring your survivability to the max level.

1. K, Miguel, Jota, Kelly

In the first combo, we are going to have K, Miguel, Jota, and Kelly. K is currently the character with the best healing ability in Free Fire at the moment. His skill allows players to quickly regen HP using EP, giving a lot of sustainment in combats.

K is currently the character with the best healing ability in Free Fire at the moment

Jota and Miguel will increase your HP and EP after each kill. Miguel's skill can give you up to 70 EP after each kill and this amount of EP so K can convert them into HP. Jota heals your HP instantly so you don't use up all your EP and be ready for the next fight.

You will also need Kelly's skill to increase your movement speed in order to get close to enemies. Jota's skill only works when you kill an enemy using an SMG or shotgun so those two are going to be your main weapons.

The best pet to use with this combo is Poring because it can keep your vest from being destroyed. Your regen won't matter if you don't have a vest because you will take full damage from weapons and die in seconds.

2. A124, Miguel, Jota, Joseph

This is the budget version of the above combo. Here, we will use A124 instead of K. A124 has been given out for free by Free Fire multiple times so almost every player owns this character. Her's skill also allows players to heal quickly using EP but it is an active skill with a cooldown, unlike K's skill, which you can turn on all the time. But if you don't own K, this is an acceptable alternative.

A124 can be used as the replacement of K in the budget version of the combo

We still need Miguel and Jota so you can maintain your EP and HP after each kill. But instead of Kelly, I would prefer to use Joseph in this combo because when you get shot at, he provides much more movement speed than Kelly so you can hide and heal using A124 skill and comeback.

A124's skill doesn't heal you to full and you have to manually press the skill to activate it, which are quite big drawbacks. But once, again, this is just the budget version.

3. K, Shani, Miguel, Luqueta

If you don't like using shotguns, SMGs but rather a fan of ARs, here is the combo for you. K will still be the main piece of the combo, of course, because his heal power is just too much. Instead of Jota, we will be using Shani instead in this combo.

Shani's skill will upgrade and repair your vest whenever you get a kill. As mentioned, even if you have a lot of healing power it won't matter if your vest is destroyed because taking full damage from weapons is just too much. That's why Shani fit well in this combo. Andrew is an alternative option for Shani as he increases the durability of your armor.

Shani Free Fire
Shani can keep your armor from getting destroyed and upgrade it, which is great in this build

We still need Miguel to maintain a high EP level after each fight because K will consume your EP really fast.

For the last skill, we don't need Kelly or Joseph anymore because you are not tied using an SMG or a shotgun. You can fit in Luqueta to increase your Max HP, making you even hard to kill.

With no weapon restriction, a good AR such as SCAR or XM8 will serve you well in almost any situation.

4. Chrono, Luqueta, Jota, Miguel

Another character that you can use to make this combo is Chrono, the latest character in Free Fire. Chrono's skill creates a big field that blocks all incoming damage. Chrono also gains a huge movement speed boost while the skill is active.

Chrono Free Fire 3
Chrono's skill creates a big field that blocks all incoming damage and increases Chrono's movement speed

While Chrono's skill block damage, it doesn't heal your HP so you would want to equip Jota and Miguel as well. Of course, with Jota, you will need to use shotguns and SMGs to make his skill works. Luqueta will be a nice addition to this combo so you will have high max HP, high regen, and high mobility.

5. Alok, Jota, Kapella, Antonio

The last skills combo I am going to talk about in this article is an Alok combo.

Maxresdefault 1
In terms of regeneration, Alok's skill is not as good as K

While Alok's skill restores your HP, the amount is not that much so you will need Jota and Kapella to get more HP regen. This combo does not give as much HP regen as the combos above but it is more of a balanced combo with both mobility and survivability.

For the last skill in this combo, you can choose Antonio or Joseph or Luqueta. They all have a really good ability that can fit in this combo.

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