The OB26 is finally out on the Global Server, bring with it various balance changes to current guns and two brand new weapons. In this article, we would list out the top 5 most notable changes in this version that might affect your gameplay.

1 - The Groza is massively buffed

Apparently, the Groza has been performing much worse comparing to other airdrop weapons and is easily replaceable by any other ARs. This is why Garena decided to buff it - a small bump to stats in all offensive categories.

Groza Free Fire 1

  • Rate of Fire: +8%
  • Minimum Damage: +3
  • Recoil: -6%
  • Deal 100% damage to arms and legs.

However, the 100% damage to arms and legs are actually the biggest part here - previously the Groza would deal much less damage on arm and leg shots. Now it would cause the same damage as any body shots.

2 - New Shotgun MAG-7

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Magazine: 8
  • Rate of Fire: 0.2
  • Attachments: Grip, Stock

Mag7 Free Fire 28e9

Mag-7 is overall a rapid-firing M1014, with a much higher rate of fire and bigger magazine. Along with the nerf to M1887, it is expected that the new shotgun replaces it to become the most popular close-range weapon in Free Fire.

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3 - Vector Nerf

  • Minimum Damage: -1
  • Maximum Range in Akimbo: -4
  • Accuracy in Akimbo: -18%

Free Fire Ios Android Vector Akimbo

The Vector has been terribly overpowered ever since it was released - especially when you manage to get 2 of them to akimbo. In the OB26 patch, its damage, range and accuracy have been toned down.

4 - SVD Nerf

  • Rate of Fire: -9%
  • Additional Damage to Body: 50%->40%

Svd Swordsman Legends Free Fire

The SVD has been outperforming even airdrop weapons due to its hidden ability to deal more damage on body shots. Garena decided to tone it down a little bit to make the weapon more balance.

5 - Woodpecker Nerf

  • Rate of Fire: -8%
  • REMOVED the magazine attachment slot.


Another nerf to a new weapon - the woodpecker has been performing too well due to its relatively high rate of fire, damage, range and magazine size. Overall, it's one of the most overpowered weapons added to the game as of late... this is why Garena decided to reduce its fire rate and remove the magazine attachment slot - you have to actually keep an eye on your ammunition when using the Woodpecker now.

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